Infinite CanvasSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • There's a new Apple TV documentary.
  • It's called Infinite Canvas.
  • It charts the work of seven artists who collaborated with Apple stores for an augmented reality project.

A new Apple TV documentary charts the story of seven artists who collaborated with Apple stores on augmented reality projects.

As noted by 9to5Mac:

In 2019, a collaboration between seven leading artists helped Apple Stores across the world come alive through augmented reality. A new documentary now available for free on Apple TV highlights the work of each artist and the story of exploring creativity's outer limits.

Created by Ryan McGinley, the documentary looks to speak with artists as they discover augmented reality for the first time, which resulted in a series of projects in partnership with Today at Apple:

Last summer, Apple Creative Pros led group sessions that ventured outside the store and into the community. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the city together as reimagined by the seven artists. Apple also collaborated with Nick Cave on an AR installation viewable in every Apple Store in the world, and with Sarah Rothberg on a Lab that taught the fundamentals of creating AR experiences.

The documentary reportedly focuses on "the human side of augmented reality art", and also includes a conversation with the late poet John Giorno. The 65-minute documentary is available on Apple TV free to stream right now.

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