New Apple Museum opening in Poland is the largest collection in the world

Apple Museum Poland
Apple Museum Poland (Image credit: Fabryka Norblina)

What you need to know

  • A new Apple Museum is opening in Poland.
  • It features 1,500 exhibits dedicated to the development and evolution of Apple as a company.
  • It includes computers and laptops, software, peripherals, and even posters and other gadgets.

A new Apple Museum set to open in Poland this fall will be the largest collection of Apple gadgets in the world, housing 1,500 exhibits.

In a press release this week Fabryka Norblina announced the new experience at the revitalized Norblin Factory complex in Warsaw:

1,500 exhibits related to the development and evolution of Apple products—the most recognizable technology brand in the world—will appear in the creative and interactive Apple Museum Poland in the revitalized Norblin Factory complex. The area of 320 sq.m. will hold the most complete and the largest collection in the world presenting computers, laptops, accessories, telephones, software, peripherals, multimedia carriers with unique Apple materials, posters and commemorative gadgets. The exhibition is set to open this fall.

The museum has been operating at a temporary location in Piaseczno, however, the collection's owner Jacek Łupina thought it was time for a new home:

"The choice of our new location was not accidental. The Norblin Factory appears to be the most electrifying lifestyle center in this part of Europe. It is a place with magical cultural and social potential. A place where the spirit of the extraordinary history of Polish industry hovers, enclosed in a unique modernist-classicist architecture. The Norblin Factory is the quintessence of the mix of tomorrow resulting from yesterday. It is exactly like the Apple brand"

The Museum's part piece is a fully working replica of the Apple-1 computer, made with the help of volunteers and featuring an authentic Steve Wozniak signature on the motherboard. A replica is no surprise given a real one is currently for sale on eBay for 41.5 million.

The museum also features devices and gadgets that failed or weren't put into mass production by Apple, making it a true one-of-a-kind experience.

The museum will open in the fall.

Earlier this year MacPaw announced its own smaller Apple museum in Kyiv, Ukraine, hosting over 300 exhibits.

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