'New Apple Pencil' pictured in leak, but what does it mean?

Apple Pencil Leak
Apple Pencil Leak (Image credit: Mr White)

What you need to know

  • A small-time Apple leaker has shared an image claiming to depict a new Apple Pencil.
  • It could reveal a new style of Apple Pencil Tip or a new mechanism for changing them.
  • A separate leak from the same source has previously stated the device could come in black.

A new picture from a leaker claims to show off Apple's new Apple Pencil, possibly indicating a change to the mechanism for changing tips.

The tweet, shared by Mr White simply stated:

New Apple Pencil


Mr. White has previously shared information claiming the next Apple Pencil will be available in black, as well as its trademark white. From that report:

...a mysterious Twitter account called Mr-white posted today saying that the next Apple Pencil will be released in a new black color."New Apple Pencil is Black🌚"

The tip pictured is significantly larger in size than Apple's current replacement tips offered for the Apple Pencil. As one commenter noted, it could also indicate a much glossier finish over the current matte design.

Mr. White has previously leaked images of Apple's 20W USB-C adapter before it was released, and also correctly indicated the iPhone X would be available in gold back in 2018, as well as information about the iPhone 12's notch last year.

Unfortunately, we know very little else about Apple's next iteration of Apple Pencil, save that it likely exists and might come in a new color.

Apple launched the Apple Pencil alongside its first iPad Pro back in 2015, transforming the way iPads are used for drawing and creation as well as general use. From our recent five year Apple Pencil 1 review:

The Apple Pencil has finally done what I thought it would do — change the way I interact with my iPad. I don't pick up my iPad (2020) without my Apple Pencil (first-generation) anymore. It's become an integral part of the iPad experience for me.When I get the itch to sketch something, or more likely, color in an app, I'm treating it as an artistic tool that I'm not even good enough to handle. It's so satisfying to draw on the screen, color with different brushes, and use the pressure sensitivity to change the thickness and how the Apple Pencil responds.

Recent reports have indicated a new iPad Pro is just weeks away, so there is every chance Apple could debut a new Pencil alongside a new tablet. The next-generation of iPad expected to feature a mini-LED display.

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