iPhone 6 teardownSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • 2020 iPhones might have larger batteries than previous models.
  • Smaller battery circuitry would allow for larger batteries in the same space.
  • Apple already made the 2019 iPhone batteries larger with great success.

Apple's 2020 iPhones – or at least some of them – might be able to pack larger batteries if a new report is accurate. That report has Apple opting to use a smaller battery protection circuit, allowing for larger batteries to be used.

That report comes from The Elec (via MacRumors) and has Apple using new battery protection circuits from provider ITM Semiconductor. The company already makes the same modules for Samasung which uses it in its Galaxy S11, so it's already tried and tested.

The battery protection circuit helps the power source manage charging and discharging to ensure it does so at safe rates. ITM Semidoncuctor apparently pairs the circuit with a MOSFET anad PCB, reducing the space required for the whole package.

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If all goes according to plan this new part will be used in at least some of Apple's 2020 iPhones. Quite how many the company will release is currently the subject of great discussion, with as many as five phones potentially in the cards. If that's the case we may finally see the end of the iPhone SE rumors, with a new phone pencilled in for the first quarter of 2020.