This new Belkin USB-C dock is for hardcore multi-device users who need all the ports!

Tech accessory giant Belkin announced the newest iteration of their Express Dock in a press release today, and it's going to bring serious peace of mind to those of you who feel like you can never have enough ports.

The USB-C Express Dock 3.1 HD lets users connect up to eight devices to it and charge them with a single cable, and uses efficient Power Priority technology to keep your main device charged while distributing 60W of power to the rest of your devices based on their individual sizes and charging needs. The dock is also capable of 4K HDMI video output, audio in and out, and gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Andrew Camba, Director of Product Management at Belkin, stated how the new Express Dock is the answer to our increasing technological requirements:

There is increasing consumer demand for more power, more connectivity, more convenience – and we've answered that call with this new dock. As more devices accept power delivery and consumers have a wide variety of electronics that need to connect and communicate with one another, we are making good on our Belkin promise to help people realize how the power of technology and makes their lives better, easier and more fulfilling. Now people can connect, power, communicate, sync and transfer data, using one dock and one cable.

Exactly what types of ports does the Belkin USB-C Express Dock 3.1 HD have, you ask? Well:

  • There are two USB-C 3.1 ports for charging new smartphones and laptops
  • Three USB-A ports for charging and connecting to the multitude USB-A devices out there
  • One HDMI port for 4K HDMI video output
  • One gigabit Ethernet port for internet connectivity
  • Two audio ports for connecting headphones or speakers

The USB-C Express Dock 3.1 HD is priced at $229.99, and is available for purchase today on Belkin's website.

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Tory Foulk

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