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What you need to know

  • Michael Jackson's former friend and manager Dieter Wiesner has released a new book.
  • 'Michael Jackson: The Real Story' reveals how the singer once tried to raise a billion dollars through Swiss or German banks.
  • The book notes that he "desired business acquisitions and partnerships" with Apple, Disney and Marvel.

A new book from Michael Jacksons' friend and former manager Dieter Wiesner has revealed the singer once held aspirations of buying Apple.

The new book is titled 'Michael Jackson: The Real Story' and an excerpt from the book's press release states:

Influenced by a sense of obligation, Mr. Wiesner shares intimate information about Michael Jackson — the man he knew as a visionary business genius and loving father who cared about family and friends. A man who has been portrayed in ways to make headlines that are far removed from the real Michael — a man who inspired millions.

The release is actually an ePublication, which means readers can also access primary sources documents, including fifteen voicemails that can be listened to. One such message reveals some eye-opening information regarding MJ's business aspirations:

In one message Michael can be heard saying, "This is Michael Jackson calling. When you get this message call me immediately. What I want to talk to you about is very top-top secret! I need a German or a Swiss bank, I want to raise a billion dollars with a Swiss or German bank, but you got to keep this completely confidential! It's an incredible acquisition I want to make." Michael Jackson's desired business acquisitions and partnerships included Marvel Comics, Disney, and Apple. Had Michael been able to execute his plan he would have been one of the wealthiest people in the world, certain to have an even bigger impact on popular culture and the world than he did.

If the prospect of Michael Jackson buying Apple is enough to stir your appetite, you can buy the interactive book from Apple Books here!

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