Esr Halolock Shift Wireless ChargerSource: ESR

What you need to know

  • ESR has announced the new HaloLock Shift Wireless Charger for $33.99.
  • The new stand can charge even when you pick the iPhone up thanks to a detachable head.

Charging an iPhone using MagSafe is pretty sweet, but Apple's charger has one main problem — the charging puck comes with the iPhone when you pick it up. That's something you might not want. Or you might. The new ESR HaloLock Shift Wireless Charger accounts for both possibilities and you can buy one now for $33.99.

The new ESR HaloLock Shift Wireless Charger is a charging stand that has a detachable head. That means that not only does your iPhone get charged while at an elevated level, but it also means that you can remove the iPhone and that head, something that ensures the charging continues even while you're on a call. It's the best of both worlds, and it'll work with Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. However, you're going to want to combine the ESR HaloLock Shift Wireless Charger with a HaloLock case for the strongest possible connection.

  • Power in a Snap: this MagSafe-Compatible charger stand gives you fast and easy magnetic wireless charging
  • Shift Charging Modes: removable charging pad lets you instantly switch from hands-free viewing to hands-on use while you charge
  • Strong Magnetic Lock: charging pad and mount hold your phone securely in place; combine with HaloLock case for the strongest magnetic lock
  • Stable Stand: weighted base keeps stand steady, with reusable adhesive pad for extra stability
  • Adjustable View: switch from browsing to your favorite show in seconds; ball joint allows for a fully adjustable viewing angle

If you're already using a HaloLock case, this is almost a no-brainer. Priced at $33.99 it isn't a bad deal, either — and all you need to add is a plug — simple!

You can order your new wireless charger from Amazon for $33.99 right now. Unfortunately it only comes in white, but if this is something that you have a desk spot for, it might just work.

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