New HomeKit showers and vacuums and lights — oh my (g!)

Late summer is when a tech nerds fancy turns to... more tech nerdery. Since so many projects get started — and some even completed — and lots of those involve home improvement, it's also the perfect time for HomeKit updates.

So, of course, here they are.

Neato Robot Vaccum

Neato's smart robot vacuums are getting compatibility with Siri Shortcuts. So, you'll be able to use the power of your voice to start, pause, or stop cleaning, and to order your little robot cleaning buddy to return to its borg regeneration... er.... charging base. Even better, thanks to zone cleaning, you can order your Neato to clean only specific areas.

Support is coming this fall for Neato's whole lineup — including Neato D3, D4, D5, D6 and D7 — and can be accessed from HomePod as well as iPhone and iPad.

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LIFX Z Light Strip + Candle Bulbs

If regular old light bulbs are just too regular and old for you, LIFX has you covered with a new, HomeKit compatible candle bulb that includes industry-first Polychrome technology.

If you've always wanted a classic, more fire than filament, accent for your bedroom, bathroom, chandelier or fire pit, this is that, especially since one bulb can emit many colors at once.

Coming in October for $44.95 a bulb.

But wait, there's more.

LIFX is also introducing a HomeKit-compatible ZTV light strip. It has fully customizable RGBW LEDs. Mount them behind your TV, seriously upgrade your home theatre experience. The ZTV version is like the existing 2m and 3m versions, and Polychrome Technology means they can show off, and push around, multiple colors at once.

Also coming in October, exclusive to Best Buy, for $69.99.

Nanoleaf Touch Actions

New from Nanoleaf are "Touch Actions", which turn the Canvas light squares into smart buttons for your entire setup. Press a square, activate a HomeKit Scene, no Siri, no phone, no nothing else requires.

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Moen U Smart Shower

Starting right now, today, the U by Moen shower is adding HomeKit support so you can control it with Siri or automatically as part of a scene.

Yes, "Hey Siri, it's shower time!" is now a thing.

You can get Moen U in a two- or four-outlet digital valve with precise thermostatic temperature control, and you can connect up to four shower fixtures - showerheads, handshowers, body sprays, tub spouts, and the like.

Available now, the two-outlet valve and controller is $1,210 or the four-outlet valve and controller is $2,290, and $65 for the Battery Backup Kit.

Abode iota

HomeKit is coming soon to iota, which is Abode's all-in-one home security gateway with 1080p camera.

ConnectSense in-wall smart outlet

The new ConnectSense In-Wall Smart Outlet provides total power consumption monitoring for each outlet with real-time voltage readings, along with internal temperature monitoring and alerts.

It's easy to install, designed for both consumer and commercial applications, and will be available in both 15A and 20A versions.

Coming this fall.

Your HomeKit summer projects?

If you're working on any summer HomeKit projects, from a simple addition to a complete remodel, let me know about them in the comments, including what you'll be using and why!

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