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What you need to know

  • Apple has a new ad out.
  • It's all about iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard.
  • "Your next computer is not a computer."

Apple has a way with ads, that's for sure. Its latest popped up on YouTube a little earlier and, true to form, it's pretty great. This time it's iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard that gets the white room treatment.

The ad itself runs for just 68 seconds but that's all it needs to whet the appetite for Apple's latest iPad and accessory. During those 68 seconds, we see a hummingbird as it checks out that hyper-colorful iPad Pro display. And, of course, that floating keyboard.

Introducing the new iPad Pro. It's faster than most PC laptops and features the most advanced mobile display, ever. With Wide and Ultra Wide Pro cameras and the new LiDAR Scanner to take AR to the next level. Oh, and it floats on a new backlit Magic Keyboard with trackpad.

You can check the ad out for yourself and I'm glad to see Apple once again lean into the idea that "your next computer is not a computer". For many, I think it might have a point.


iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

A magic keyboard for a magical piece of glass.

The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro brings a backlit keyboard and trackpad case to the iPad Pro directly from Apple for the first time.

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