Iphone 12 Design LeakSource: EverythingApplePro

What you need to know

  • A fourth iPhone 12 battery has been spotted on multiple websites.
  • The battery has a 2815 mAh capacity.
  • It adds a little confusion to the previously suggested iPhone 12 battery lineup.

A new iPhone 12 battery filing has thrown the previously suggested lineup and configuration into confusion.

As My Smart Price reports:

Today, interestingly, we have come across another battery model from Apple bearing the model number A2479 following its appearance on certification platforms 3C and Safety Korea.

The new battery has a listed capacity of 2815 mAh.

To recap, previously three new batteries had been spotted in filings for the iPhone 12:

  • A2471 - 2227 mAh
  • A2431 - 2775 mAh
  • A2466 - 3687 mAh

My Smart Price had previously suggested that these three batteries might well feature in the iPhone 12 (5.4-inch), iPhone 12 Max and Pro (6.1-inch), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch) respectively. It made sense that the iPhone 12 Max and Pro, being the same size, would feature the same battery, hence why three batteries for three different sizes of iPhone made perfectly good sense.

This latest filing however casts some doubt on that prediction. As the report notes, the new A2479 battery has a slightly larger capacity than the A2431, the middle-tier battery. It could well be possible that there are four batteries for four new models of iPhone, and that even though two of those iPhones are the same size, the 'Pro' variant of the 6.1-inch model requires slightly more juice to compensate for slightly more premium internals.

Previous leaks have suggested the iPhone 12 will support charging through a new 20W power adapter, but that controversially, this will not be included within the box of the iPhone to save space and money.