Iphone 13 Render Camera ClosupSource: Concept Creator

What you need to know

  • A new iPhone 13 Pro concept builds on what the recent rumors have told us.
  • Rumors have the new iPhone sporting a smaller notch and larger camera bump.

It's still a few months away but the iPhone 13 release can't come soon enough for many of us. Recent rumors have the new iPhone lineup coming with a smaller notch than previous models as well as a larger camera bump. A new iPhone 13 concept aims to show both of those things off. And we need to talk about what's going on around the back of this thing.

Starting from the front. Working with LetsGoDigital, Concept Creator has built new renders that show what they think we can expect from this year's releases. That includes the aforementioned smaller notch that we've heard so much about and it, as expected, looks great. I still worry that Apple won't make use of the extra status bar space, but I'll reserve judgement for now. It's around the back where things go awry, though.

Just look at that camera bump!

We've heard that bigger cameras could be coming as part of the iPhone 13 redesign but you can already imagine the memes if the real thing turns out to be anywhere near as chonky as this concept. These cameras are comically large – let's hope they don't represent what we'll be buying this September.

Apple's iPhone 13 is expected to offer much the same functionality as the outgoing iPhone 12 but with a few tweaks here and there – fancy 120Hz ProMotion notwithstanding. That has led some to suggest the iPhone 12s name is more likely – especially as some are concerned about using the number 13.

Whatever it's called, we do know that this year's release will be the best iPhone ever. It might also be one of the most mocked if those cameras are in the mix!