PowerBeats Pro charging caseSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • The new "Powerbeats Pro 2" headphones might not be the next generation after all.
  • A new report from MacRumors suggests the upgrade is only a minor tweak to the current model.
  • Information found on Apple's website might confirm just that.

Earlier reports have suggested that Apple may be nearing a debut of a new generation of Powerbeats Pro headphones. Yesterday, it was reported that the company has registered the new headphones in Korea.

While this indicates that there has been a change to the headphones, a new report from MacRumors refutes the idea that they will be the "Powerbeats Pro 2" upgrade everyone is hoping for.

The report from MacRumors suggests that, rather than the change indicating a next-generation release, it is instead a "minor internal tweak to the existing models" and that the newer models are either soon to be or already released.

"Much of the speculation has suggested that these new models represent a second-generation "Powerbeats Pro 2" that is set for imminent release, but we believe it's more likely a minor internal tweak to the existing models that will soon be or has already been quietly released without any announcement or changes to public-facing specs."

One piece of evidence that supports MacRumors' theory is that the new model numbers appear alongside the older ones on its website, indicating that the company views all of these to be in the same generation.

"Apple maintains lists of regulatory Declarations of Conformity for the European Union for all of its current products on its website, and the current listing for Powerbeats Pro on Apple's Beats page mentions both sets of model numbers (A2047/A2048 and A2453/A2454) as of April 15, suggesting that Apple considers these sets of model numbers to both be current-generation products."

We'll have to wait to see if current generation Powerbeats Pro headphones hit the shelves with the new model numbers.