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What you need to know

  • Spike has been updated to add support for iOS 14.
  • That means users can set it as their default email app for the first time.
  • Tapping an email address will launch Spike instead of Mail.

Spike is an app that tries to reimagine the way we deal with email but it still needs to make it easy for us to actually create new emails. Now, that involves taking advantage of iOS 14's ability to set default email apps other than the stock Mail app.

Spike's latest update adds support for the iOS 14 hotness, giving people another reason to avoid the Mail app as if their life depended on it. That could be a big deal if you're someone who has thrown themselves into the Spike way of doing things, too.

NEW: Set Spike as your default email app with iOS14.

Go into the Spike app's Settings > Use as default email app > Default Email App > Spike. Or, the traditional (yawn) way: Go into iOS settings > scroll down to Spike > default mail app > Spike.

Now, tapping on a link to an email will automatically open a new message in Spike. Less taps = Time saved.

What else? 1-tap share to people or groups you frequently contact. Some nips & tucks to keep us feeling young and rejuvenated.

With the update installed, tapping an email address will launch Spike rather than the stock Mail app – a new feature only made possible by iOS 14.

The updated Spike is available for download from the App Store now. It's a free download, too.

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