Newly installed and updated apps reportedly crashing on launch due to corrupt App Store binary bug

If you've downloaded or updated an app from the iPhone or iPad App Store in the last day or so, and it's crashing every time you launch it, you might have gotten a bad binary from Apple. At least that's what Instapaper developer Marco Arment began trouble-shooting last night on Twitter, and has now posted in detail about on

At first blush, it sounds like Apple has corrupted copies of app update files on their content distribution network. Whatever the cause, if you're experiencing the problem, try deleting it and installing it again. If the problem persists, wait a while and try again later -- wait a day if you have to.

Needless to say, this has also resulted in a slew of bad reviews for Instapaper and other afflicted apps. It's important to stress -- this isn't the developer's fault, this appears to be a problem on Apple's end in the App Store system. Developers are victims here. If you left a bad review, please consider going back and amending it. If you haven't reviewed Instapaper or any of the afflicted apps in a while, and you like them, consider giving them a review right now to help make up for the deluge of misdirected negative reviews they're suffering from at the moment.

Update 1: The Early Edition 2 is also getting caught and have posted a warning on advising users not to update until Apple resolves the issue.

Update 2: GoodReader seems to be experiencing the same App Store issue and they've put up a tech support article explaining how to make sure you don't lose any GoodReader files or data.

Update 3: Based on some screenshots sent our way, it looks like FairPlay, Apple's DRM (digital rights management) wrapper, might have been improperly applied, resulting in unusable binaries.

If you're a developer and you want to avoid experiencing the problem yourself, or if you simply want more information on what Arment has managed to piece together, hit the link below.


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