Green Macbook Air RenderSource: Jon Prosser / RendesByIan

What you need to know

  • New renders show an unannounced MacBook Air with new white keycaps and more.
  • Leaker Jon Prosser says the renders are based on images of MacBook Air parts he has seen photos of.

Leaker Jon Prosser today shared a new video detailing what he believes to be the next generation of MacBook Air. The renders shared by Prosser are said to be based on images of MacBook Air components that he has seen.

The most obvious change in the new MacBook Air design is the removal of the wedge shape design, making this appear to be an impossibly thin computer. But there's more going on here, too.

According to Prosser, the refreshed MacBook Air will feature white keycaps for the first time alongside larger function keys. That, in turn, means for a smaller trackpad as well.

Purple Macbook Air RenderSource: Jon Prosser / RendesByIan

Prosser's source believes that there will be MacBook Airs sold in the same colors as the new 24-inch iMac's stand. Unfortunately Prosser doesn't know how big the screen's bezels will be, meaning some artistic license has been used in these renders.

In terms of ports, we're told that there will be two USB-C ports although there is no information on whether MagSafe will be making a triumphant return as had been rumored. We can only hope!

Whether a MacBook Air without a wedge shape will ever feel like a MacBook Air to me or not, there's no denying that these renders show a very pretty computer. Prosser seems to believe that the new machine won't arrive until late in the year at best, so we might have a little wait on our hands before we can take a funky new MacBook Air for a spin.