NFL Game Pass will give you on-demand access to the whole football season

The NFL will soon offer a new on-demand video feature to users of its NFL Mobile app called Game Pass. With Game Pass, fans will be able to watch all 256 regular season games on-demand through the NFL Mobile app, as well as on a number of set-top boxes like the Apple TV. In addition to regular season games on-demand, you'll also be able to watch live, out-of-market pre-season games, as well as the entirety of past seasons since 2009, including Super Bowls.

NFL Game Pass gives you a variety of ways to experience games. You can turn off scores for match-ups that you have yet to watch. If you don't have time or inclination to watch a full game, they can be condensed down to 30-minute segments. You can analyze games using exclusive camera angles from All-22 and EndZone.

All games will be available commercial-free and in HD. As part of the rollout of Game Pass, Game Rewind, a similar feature from the NFL, will be discontinued on July 31. No pricing announcements have been made for Game Pass, though the Game Rewind feature is currently available for $24.99.

Source: NFL Game Pass