Niantic is planning to release two new games every year for several years

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What you need to know

  • Niantic has over ten new apps currently in development.
  • It currently plans to release these apps approximately two per year.
  • These apps will not all be games.

As Niantic continues to expand its platform for AR app developers, the company has provided a few hints about what is to come. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic revealed that the platform is currently supporting the development of more than ten new apps. Niantic's current roadmap includes the release of approximately two apps per year over the next several years. Although Hanke did not reveal what specific apps were in development, he did say that they included both games and other AR experiences. When questioned about Niantic apps that are not games, he explained that there are opportunities to expand AR experiences in social interactions, physical fitness, and shopping. He also brought up Niantic's first app, Fieldtrip, which was not a game at all, but rather a way to share fun and interesting local spots in the real world with other locals and visitors alike. He also confirmed that these apps included a mix of both existing licensed IP, like Pokémon Go, and original content, like Ingress.

As Niantic continues working behind the scenes to help create new AR apps, many tools are being provided to developers on the Niantic Platform, including:

  • Client side neural network AR, such as the experimental reality blending feature coming soon to Pokémon Go.
  • Real world points of interest mapped by Pokémon Go and Ingress players through Project Wayfarer.
  • Ingress Agents submissions of full 3D portal scans.
  • The recently acquired

More information about these new apps, as well as further development of the Niantic platform will be provided later this year.

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