Nimble Spotlight Iphone 13 CaseSource: Nimble

What you need to know

  • Nimble has announced the Spotlight iPhone 13 case range.
  • All of the new Spotlight cases are made from recycled plastic and silicone.

With the new iPhone 13 handsets set to go up for pre-order tomorrow and hit Apple Stores next week, it's never too early to start considering what case you're going to buy. Nimble is out with a new case designed for Apple's new lineup, and it's all about helping to save the planet as well as your phone.

The Nimble Spotlight Case comes in three different colors and is made from 72% recycled plastic. It's 15ft drop-certified so you know your pride and joy will be safe and sound, while the slim design should make sure your already chunky iPhone 13 Pro Max won't get any chunkier than it needs to.

It isn't just recycled plastic that's gone into this thing, either. I'm told recycled silicone is being used to great the non-slip texture!

Made with at least 72% certified recycled plastic from three types of post-consumer plastic; including recycled polycarbonate, recycled TPU, and recycled silicone.

Nimble Spotlight Iphone 13 Case MaterialsSource: Nimble

The new case is on sale now and I'm told it will ship within the next 4-6 weeks, which isn't ideal. Just try to keep your iPhone safe while you wait for your new case to arrive, OK?

Apple will make the new iPhone 13 available next week, alongside the new iPad and iPad Air. Next week gives us the best iPhones ever, at least until the next ones! Are you planning on placing an order?