What you need to know

  • In a tweet, Nintendo of Europe teased a new accessory for the Nintendo Switch.
  • It appears to be a bendable wheel that you can strap Joy-Cons to.
  • No official name has been given for this accessory.
  • Nintendo will release more information about the accessory on September 12.

The Nintendo Switch has been an avant garde console both with its hybrid design and with its unique controllers. Today, Nintendo of Europe tweeted a video that teased another unusual accessory to add to the gaming company's repertoire.

Many people aren't sure what to think about it.

It appears to be a bendable wheel that you can strap Joy-Cons to. There's also a stretchable material that allows you to strap a Joy-Con to your thigh. As you move these accessories around, the motion controls in the Joy-Cons will react with the game you're playing.

In the video, participants are shown engaging in Yoga poses and fitness-related activities. However, no gameplay is shown. The video doesn't reveal the name of the device either. At the end of the video Nintendo states that more information will be coming on Sept. 12, 2019.

The way in which people are shown using the device is reminiscent of the Wii Fit style games that were popular about a decade ago. This could be the way that Nintendo has decided to announce the resurrection of said fitness games — or rather Switch Fit games. At any rate, it's hard not to feel uncomfortable or silly watching the people in this video. Maybe it won't be as strange to watch when we know what games they're playing.

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