Nintendo has confirmed a Breath of the Wild sequel is on the way

Nintendo ended its E3 presentation with a straight up Apple-style "One More Thing" announcement, and it was all about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No, there isn't more DLC for this massive game on the way. Instead, there's a sequel being developed in this same universe. Nintendo hasn't given it a name or a release date, but there's more than enough in this little teaser video to get everyone excited.

We don't get much, but what we do get tells quite a story. Link and Zelda appear to be actually exploring together, since she's been freed from her troubles during Breath of the Wild. This exploration has caused something to awaken under the ancient crumbling Hyrule Castle, and it seems almost like the ancient mummified corpses scattered across Breath of the Wild are coming to life. Red eyes don't usually mean something is friendly. It appears like the sages you relied on to grow stronger in the first game are being used against you in this new game.

Unlike Breath of the Wild, it's clear this new game has some almost Majoras Mask-style scariness to it. The whole trailer is decidedly dark and spooky, including the music. What little we do see of the bight Hyrule world from the last game is only to show something bad happening. A common complaint Breath of the Wild fans have about the game is there not being a ton of story to the massive open world, and it's possible what we're seeing in this trailer is an attempt to fix that.

We'll be on the lookout for more information as it appears, but for now it's clear there's a whole lot of Legend of Zelda headed to the Nintendo Switch over the next year.

Russell Holly

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