Is Nintendo Labo VR Kit true virtual reality?

Is Nintendo Labo VR Kit true virtual reality?

Best Answer: No, the Nintendo Labo VR Kit is not true virtual reality since it is essentially just putting the Switch's tablet directly in front of your face and splitting the 720p display into two, reducing the resolution even further. And since this is just your Switch directly in front of your face, you don't get the features of advanced VR in the sense that it can understand where you are in space, and it's definitely not as an immersive VR experience as say, an Oculus or even PS4 VR.Complete experience: Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit ($80 at Amazon)A true VR experience for cheap: Oculus Go ($200 at Amazon)

So if it isn't true VR, what is this VR Kit that Nintendo is selling?

Like the other Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Kits, the VR Kit is basically a pair of VR goggles that you build out of cardboard, place your Switch screen into, and then the Joy-Cons go in along the sides of the goggles or other Toy-Con accessories.

The VR Kit will come with the corresponding VR software from Nintendo that put those goggles and accessories you just built to good use. The software includes mini-games that simulate some types of VR experiences, such as a shooting game, simulations for being an elephant, bird, or even a photographer, and there is a wind petal accessory.

Just keep in mind that since the Switch resolution when not in TV Mode is just around 720p, when you're using the VR Kit, that screen is directly in your face and split in half, so the resolution will be worse than normal. And since it's just a screen in your face, this is not the immersive VR experience you're hoping for with headsets like Oculus and PSVR.

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit will be available starting April 12.

So what if I want something that is true VR? What are my options?

If you want to get started with a true virtual reality experience that doesn't break the bank, then we recommend trying out the Oculus Go.

Unlike more expensive VR headsets, the Oculus Go is a standalone experience, so you don't need a PC, phone, or console to use this. It comes with onboard storage of either 32GB or 64GB, so you can store video, music, and games directly on the headset.

Even though the Oculus Go looks small, the screen feels big and immersive once you have the headset on. It features crystal-clear optics and immersive 3D graphics that make you feel like you're actually there, whether you'r watching a movie, concert, or even live sports.

And since the Oculus Go can play compatible games, you're getting the true, immersive VR game experience. This means games that totally drop you in the middle of all of the action, and it's aware of your spatial position and movements.

We like the Oculus Go as a gateway into the world of VR, since it's small, compact, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like most VR headsets. Plus, with no PC or phones or consoles required, it's practically made for anyone and everyone.

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