Is Nintendo's OLED Model the same as the Switch Pro?

Nintendo Switch Oled Model In Dock
Nintendo Switch Oled Model In Dock (Image credit: Nintendo)

Is Nintendo's OLED Model the same as the Switch Pro?

Best answer: No. The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is just another revision of the Nintendo Switch, with no boost to performance. Right now, we're not sure the Nintendo Switch Pro exists. The OLED Model launches on October 8 and has several upgrades from the original Switch.

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model the same as the Switch Pro?

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is not the same as the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. There are some similarities, such as the larger screen and (obviously) the OLED display panel. With that in mind, this is still a Nintendo Switch. The processing power, RAM, and other internals have not changed, so all the best Nintendo Switch games like the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will run identically across all Nintendo Switch versions, including the OLED Model.

Rumors and reports for the Switch Pro indicated it would feature 4K graphics through NVIDIA DLSS technology, at least when docked, in addition to the aforementioned OLED screen. If this does happen, it'll be a model further out than what Nintendo is sharing right now.

What else does the Nintendo Switch OLED Model offer?

Nintendo Switch Oled Model Box Vs Original (Image credit: iMore)

The OLED panel being used in this new Switch revision means that games could have improved colors. Outside of the namesake panel, there are a few other differences in the Nintendo Switch OLED Model.

The screen is slightly larger than the regular Switch, at 7 inches vs. 6.2 inches. It also features double the storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, with 64 GB of space instead of the normal 32 GB, meaning you can install more games before needing to buy a microSD card. The new dock also includes a LAN port, and Nintendo has confirmed that this new dock will be available separately for anyone only interested in that particular upgrade. Lastly, the OLED Model features a kickstand that goes along the back of the entire console rather than just being a little flap. This should make it sturdier in tabletop mode.

When will the Nintendo Switch OLED Model be available?

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is currently scheduled to arrive on October 8, 2021. The console will ship alongside Metroid Dread and comes in two color schemes. One features neon red and blue Joy-Cons like prior Switch models, while the other is white, matching Samus' armor in Metroid Dread.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model will cost $350, $50 more than the regular Nintendo Switch, and $150 more than the Nintendo Switch Lite. Preorders have not yet opened but are expected to begin very soon across various retailers.

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