Nintendo Switch ProTip — Get discounts on game pre-orders!

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Not everyone likes pre-ordering games, especially launch games for a new console. Many people wait for game reviews to decide whether they want to participate in the excitement, and those aren't always available as the first wave of games come out for a new console.

If you're already planning to get a Nintendo Switch, and you know you're going to want at least one or two of the games, you should pre-order those games now. Even if you aren't planning on getting the console the day it is available to everyone, pre-ordering Nintendo Switch games will save you a considerable amount of money.

Amazon pre-orders

Starting August 28, 2018, gamers who have Amazon Prime and pre-order games through Amazon, will now receive a $10 Amazon promotional credit when you pre-order select physical and digital games. This credit can be used on just about anything you might want to purchase through Amazon, which is pretty cool if you find yourself doing a lot of shopping on the site. Heck, you can turn right around and spend that $10 credit on another game and I am sure Amazon is hoping that is exactly what you will do. A very important tidbit which is revealed on the page with all the details is that you must use this credit within 60 days. This, unfortunately, means that you can't stockpile them and buy a game for free at the end of the year.

Note: This is a new program that goes into effect on August 28, 2018. Any pre-orders made before the cut-off date will receive a 20% discount on select games. After the new program goes into effect on Aug 28th, you will instead receive the above-mentioned $10 credit. Stock up on those preorders now!

Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked

The gaming service at Best Buy has offered exclusive rewards certificates and points towards discounts from every purchase for a while now, but the $30 every two years upgrade to that service quickly pays for itself when a new console is launched.

The Gamers Club Unlocked subscription gives you 20% off pre-orders for any games, 20% off the e-guides for those games, and a 10% increase on your trade-in value if you decide you're done with the games you currently have.

Best Buy includes a sign-up form on its website, and if you've never had an Unlocked subscription before you get special coupons towards your first purchase as a thanks you for joining. Not only is this great for your wallet now, but the points you earn on purchases can be used to take the price down on your next console as well!

Updated August 2018: Updated with changes coming to Amazon Prime pre-order savings program.

Jaz Brown