Nintendo updates Switch with savable payment info

Nintendo eShop
Nintendo eShop (Image credit: iMore)

Nintendo quietly updated its eShop content with a useful feature that you wouldn't even notice if you weren't paying close attention. You can now save your credit card information for future purchases. That means you don't have to re-enter your card number and expiration date every time you want to buy a digital game. Huzzah!

The next time you purchase a digital game or add funds to prepare for a future purchase, look to the right of the credit card information form, just above the Next button, you'll now see a "Save" checkbox. If you tick the box, your credit card info will be saved so you can use it as your payment option in the future.

In the future, if you want to add funds or make a purchase, you can either use the card on file or use a different card. If you decide to use a different card, you can choose to save that new information, but it will overwrite the card currently on file. You can only save one payment option at a time.

You can also delete your saved credit card information if you decide you don't want to have a card on file at all. Go to your user profile in the eShop and select Delete next to your credit card.

Each adult person with a profile on your Switch will need to save credit card information separately. If you're sharing your Switch with others, it might be a good idea to enable password restrictions in the eShop so no one else can make purchases using your account without your permission.

This minor update comes at a great time, since Minecraft: Nintendo Switch edition is coming out tomorrow and Arms, the next big Switch release, is coming next month.

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