No, Apple is not adding call recording to the next version of iOS

How to make a FaceTime call on iPhone, iPad, or Mac
How to make a FaceTime call on iPhone, iPad, or Mac (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • A rumor claimed Apple may add call recording to iOS.
  • The feature looked like it would allow users to record audio from phone and FaceTime calls.
  • It appears that the feature is limited to internal Apple employees to help with debugging.

Earlier today, it was reported from ITHome that Apple may be adding call and FaceTime recording as a native feature within a future version of iOS. A leaked image of the feature in the Settings app gave the impression that users may be able to choose to have their iPhone record the audio of a phone or FaceTime call.

"The original report from Chinese website ITHome claims that the leaked image was obtained by the jailbreak community. The "Enable Voice Call Recording" option is presented with a huge disclaimer about related applicable laws in jurisdiction, so the user should use it responsibly."

However, it appears that the feature is currently for internal employees at Apple and not a feature that will be released to the public. Reported by 9to5Mac, the feature is made for internal Apple employees to help in the debugging process for issues with phone and FaceTime calls.

"We've heard from Apple engineers that the feature has been present in iOS internal builds and it's only intended for debugging purposes. In other words, that's a dedicated option for Apple employees, and it won't be made available to users."

9to5Mac points out that the disclaimer itself on the feature clearly indicates that it is not intended for public use, as it warns users to ensure that they will be the only ones in possession of the device while call recording is on.

"You further agree that you will not allow any other person to use this device while audio logging is enabled."

It makes sense that Apple would internally use a feature like this to ensure call quality. It does not, however, make sense as a public feature, especially coming from the privacy-focused company.

Joe Wituschek

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