Why I've stopped using Google apps on my iPhone 6 Plus

While compiling the list of apps on my iPhone 6 Plus I realized something — I'd listed not a single one from Google. It was something of a shock. Previously I'd had Gmail and Google Maps, Google+ and Hangouts, YouTube and Google Search. I'd even been using apps they'd acquired, like Snapseed. After setting up my iPhone 6 Plus as new, however, and downloading apps only as I needed them, after close to 3 weeks, I still hadn't needed a single Google app. So what happened?

  • Gmail: I use iCloud for my personal email but we have Google Accounts for Mobile Nations. Gmail doesn't handle the calendars I need anyway, so I set it up as Google Sync (aka Exchange ActiveSync). It works far, far better than Google's eccentric IMAP implementation, and while calendars are still needlessly whacky to set up, everything syncs quickly. Plus, I get a universal inbox, which the Gmail app can't provide.
  • Google Maps: I'd been using Google Maps because they provided better search results. Sometime earlier this year, however, Google stopped announcing the exit numbers, at least in my area. They also started getting the names of the exists wrong. Montreal has goofy street names as it is, and our highway system is one of the oldest on the continent. It's a mess, and Google stopped being able to help me make sense of it. Apple Maps announces the exit number loud and clear, right away. Maybe Google will revert the change or error. Maybe they already have. But Apple Maps is now working well enough in my area that I haven't needed to find out.
  • Google+: All the industry people I chat with all day are on Twitter, and all my real life family and friends are on Facebook, which makes G+ sort of a wasteland. I still use it to keep up with my Android Central pals, but I can do that from a browser on my Mac. I don't need it for mobile. Yes, Google+ does do photo backup, but so does Dropbox and I'd rather back my photos up to non-social networks anyway. (I don't put personal photos on Facebook either.)
  • Hangouts: We use Google Hangouts for video conference calling at Mobile Nations, which means I use it every day. Unfortunately, it's a massive battery drain on iPhone. Since I can use it on my Mac when I need it, I'm keeping it off my iPhone until Google fixes whatever's causing it to behave so badly while in the background. (Skype was banished for similar reasons until a weekend tech crisis forced me to add it back.)
  • YouTube: The YouTube app is annoying. I just want to watch videos that are shared with me and share them with others. The YouTube app makes that no easier than the mobile YouTube website, so I've just been using the mobile YouTube website. If the YouTube app is ever updated to actually save the state of where I was when last I left it, and to keep a history of what Id' recently watched without my being logged in, and otherwise make the experience better, I'd start using it again.
  • Google Search: I like the Google Now integration, but I'm not letting Google track my web history, which effectively turns Google Now off, so it's pointless to have the app installed.
  • Google Drive and the Google Docs apps: If there's any Google app I'll need to install soon, it'll be one of these. Because, of course, Mobile Nations uses Google Docs to share documents and spread sheets. However, in splitting Docs out from Drive, Google has made the online docs site such an annoyance I'm effectively in a holding pattern with them right now anyway — using iWork and BBEdit and pasting into Docs when I have to. Hopefully they'll figure out the old Drive interface was more productive than the new Docs one on the web, and I'll figure out which combination of the respective apps I really need on mobile.
  • Chrome: I only ever use Chrome to run Flash and Google apps on the desktop, and since I don't need that on mobile, I don't really need Chrome. I've never been a huge fan of Chrome anyway, as it's always seemed to serve user needs only so far as they aligned with Google's needs. In some ways, it's growing more and more reminiscent of Internet Explorer back during the heights of Microsoft, where they want people to write for Chrome and the associated ChromeOS instead of for the web. Since I've never been a fan of the rather clunky interface, and since I don't need sync, I don't need Chrome for iOS either.
  • Snapseed: Google hasn't updated the terrific Snapseed app in a long time, which is a real, real shame. If and when they do, I'll download it again in a heartbeat.

For those who do use and love Google apps on the iPhone, the good news is that Google's iOS apps team has started updating for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now, at least for Gmail and Chrome, and hopefully the rest to follow. And that means the iPhone will continue to make for one of the best Google phones on the planet.

What's interesting to me, however, is how just a couple years ago some in the tech space were making a big deal about how Google-dependent they'd become. About how they were moving Apple apps into far-off folders and filling their screens with everything Google.

It struck me as hyperbolic at the time, but I was as dependent on Google's services as I was on Apple's hardware, so I never took the time to really look into it. Setting up my iPhone 6 Plus as new gave me that time. I'm sure some are still as hooked on Google apps as ever, but three weeks later, I'm not missing a thing. Apple's apps are doing everything I need, in a way that fits how I want them done.

If you've recently set up your iPhone as new, let me know if you've noticed any difference in the apps you've added back, Google or otherwise!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I never even thought about setting up my Gmail account through the mail.app (I do it on my Mac) but hadn't thought about doing it on my iPhone/iPad. Could easily free up some dock space and have email from both iCloud and Google in the one place... jeez.
  • Except for the ridiculous 15 minute delay on receiving email through IMAP through Google. And on the iPhone/iPad, it's not even that consistent.
  • Gmail via Exchange is insanely fast. (You do need a paid Google account, however, which is a non-starter for many.)
  • Oh, I know. I remember the ActiveSync days of Gmail and miss them dearly. My workaround is to forward all mail to my Outlook.com account and use an alias that makes it look like every email I send comes from my gmail account. Outlook.com mail works wonderfully on iOS.
  • Unless you want to delete instead of archive :(
  • Have you tried Mailbox app? It has push for Gmail. But unfortunately, no other mail services are supported, so you end up possibly using 2 email apps if you have a non-gmail account.
  • Would that be a Google Apps for Work account ($5 or $10/mo.)?
  • Google no longer supports Exchange protocol on non paid accounts. I lost that feature when i moved to iPhone 6
  • It does on Android phones... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Rene It's incredibly biased, fanboyish, and unrealistic to suggest that the iphone with its google suite of services is one of the best google phones available......lololol....how stupid!!! Google's ios integration has nothing on the core integration, and functionality that google provides its own platform. You know, android? By far the most popular and dominant platform the world has ever seen? 2 years from now, it'll be funny to see how apple fanboys react to the masses carrying around $200 full HD smartphones with lightning fast hardware.....afterall, haven't you people een bragging about apples dominant profit share for years now? Even as the platform becomes smaller and smaller with time? Lololol, the time is rapidly approaching for apple to join the pack and start offering their customers at far more affordable prices.....when it comes to your wallets, I'll be happy for you Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Also, after years of defending apples choice to stick with a small form factor, and simultaneously mocking android OEMS for offering them, having a 6 plus makes you about the most hypocritical douchbag there is!! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I agree I was one of those people both making fun of large screen android devices and wishing my iPhone was bigger. I was wrong and am in love with my iPhone 6 plus.
  • I honestly don't even know what you just said? what?
  • You're an idiot Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Why is he an idiot?
  • So in short; you can't afford Apple products... Got it! Sent from the iMore App
  • So because someone doesn't WANT an iPhone it means they can't afford it? You do realize that most people buy iPhones on contract which actually cost the exact same as most Android phones. It has nothing to do with cost but rather some people GASP just don't want an iPhone.
  • An iPhone never costs $199. Just because the extra ~$450 is hidden from you, does not mean you don't end up paying for it. Some carriers (T-Mobile) offer more flexibility here. It's true high-end devices cost the same as the iPhone, but low end devices exist on the Android platform as well. You can be part of the Android ecosystem, even if you have a limited technological budget. That's the Android advantage.
  • That's some callous bullshit if I've ever heard any. I don't like BMW and it doesn't mean I can't afford it. I prefer my F-Type Jag... And my truck. Fuck the iPhone... But only because of pricks like you... And Rene Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • So just because I want a phone with a removeable battery, removeable storage, and WITHOUT a two year contract, that means I Can't afford it? WTH does that have anything to do with it?
  • Seems like to some this article was an insult to their mother. Getting very defensive over apps. Lol Sent from the iMore App
  • WTF are you babbling about? In case you are unaware, the consensus is that Google's apps for iOS are better designed and integrated than native google apps on Android. Quit your bellyaching about dominant platform, stay on topic. I'm guessing since you're posting via the iMore app on Android that you don't use the Google apps on iOS. Perhaps some research on your part is necessary before trolling about dominant platforms.
  • Except YouTube. The commenting feature on iOS only goes to the top layer. I can't reply within nested comments.
  • The real reason why google sells android is to capture the user data, this is why it sells device for a lower price to get to more and more people migrate to its platform. Selling user data is their main moto which is not good for user privacy . Apple doesn't have to sell our data, they are just concerned about the user experience. Apple doesn't run by selling data but earn income by selling quality hardware, operating system, I tunes and app store . Google sells android to collect and sell user data . Moreover i have never had any of my android device stay longer than 18 months of continuous use. My iPhone 4 still runs great after 4 years , just the normal battery life issue due to age
  • Couldn't agree more! Exactly why I stay with Windows Phone. (Grabs popcorn...)
    I have even stopped using google for search exactly for the reason, I don't want to be the product, I want to be the customer.
    But to be precise, Samsung sells the phones cheap, not Google. Google just gives the OS away for free to collect user data.
    And there is still a huge amount of air in iPhone prices, look at the win Apple makes selling fewer and fewer handsets...
  • Your point is?
  • Please get out troll. He said one of the best Google phones and probably very tongue in cheek when he made that comment. And your comment is less 'fanboyish.'
  • Congratulations! You've uninstalled apps you didn't need.
  • That's pretty much all I got from this ridiculous post. Sent from the iMore App
  • Need to put out mor pro Apple and anti Google posts...Apple mothership loves us for that..I guess. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think it was less of an article about unneeded apps, and more of a commentary about the state of Google on iOS. Given the privacy debate lately, I enjoyed the post. I've been thinking a lot about privacy and Tim Cook's open letter on privacy has caused me to reconsider using Apple's own apps with their platform for privacy reasons. Using Google apps carries a price.
  • And Apple's apps don't because Tim Cook said so? You can't make this stuff up.
  • Apple apps don’t because their business model makes $ on hardware and not user data. Google doesn’t make $ from hardware, and so they MUST make $ from your user data. Kapish?
  • Or rather never installed them since his new 6+ arrived ;)
  • @ Linebarrel86: Congratulations yourself! Yet another trollish, nasty post in (according to your posting history), a long, long line of trollish insulting posts.
  • Why was that comment necessary? Comments on articles should be for disagreeing with an assessment. I don't think it was his desire to get people to turn off any apps. It's just what he did. No more, no less. How about go to work.
  • There is also Google Earth. For Apps similar I haven't looked yet.
  • I always think of Google Earth as being a program for kids or seniors. It looks cool, but it doesn't actually do anything useful.
  • What does Google Earth do that Apple maps doesn't?
  • Contain actual information. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah ok I guess if you say so. I have nothing against Google I think they make great apps/software but Google Earth is a app that I have never found any use for whatsoever.
  • Well Google Earth is a repository for all sorts of crowd sourced/web info and photos. Nothing similar exists from Apple. That was my point. As far as Google maps vs Apple maps. I use both but I use google maps if I want to do a search for store locations. Apple's database is just too limited still. Sent from the iMore App
  • I use Google maps when I need to be able to scroll around the map while it is in navigation mode. Apple Maps locks me to route. The only way to see what's coming in the route is to wait until the vehicle gets there on the map or switch to overview mode. That is crazy. When I don't need that, Apple Maps is used because Siri can pull it up for me via a statement. On most occasions I prefer Waze become the social elements like awareness of speed traps, car and debris on the road and grid locks.
  • Seems a little bias. YouTube App is fine, then you also have the YouTube Studio/Capture apps which are pretty ok too. Google Translate is always handy, too.
  • Any personal opinion is by definition biased. YouTube app won't give me the basic functionality I want, as stated above. So what's the point? I have Camera.app for video capture.
  • Yea but using the website instead of the YouTube app just feels like a political statement than anything else.
  • And lies are still lies....you use all things Google still, and always will. You jut have a garrulous mouth. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • My main reason for using the app over the website is that the app allows for direct sharing to Messages through a share sheet. Web does not. Sent from the iMore App
  • Does Google Translate work with iOS 8 app extensions? I have Bing Translate which is handy and it works with the new extensions feature but would gladly switch to Google.
  • You never finished your first sentence. "Seems a little bias…goes a long way? …has crept into your editorials? …is going on here? Help us out, jamien!
  • It's funny because they were SO GOOD as producing apps on the iOS platform - apps that were better than anything Apple could have fleshed out at the time (though, in my opinion, they were all pretty ugly, which impacts my usage). I feel the same way now. The only Google app I have installed is Gmail, but I haven't used it since I switched to Mailbox.
  • Actually, the old Apple Maps app that used Google data was developed by Apple, which is why it was so great and easy to use.
  • Oh yes.
    However, I was referring specifically to Google created apps, not Apple's Google apps.
  • I'm not some email power user so I never really understood how people had favorite email apps. GMail app is fine but does nothing I need which the stock iOS email app can't.
  • I've become far less dependent on Google's services as well as other options are now doing the trick. I still use a Gmail account just because it's what I've had for a long time. It is set up in mail.app though. YouTube is still installed. I don't mind the app. I also have Google sheets for a shared family spreadsheet we've had for a while. I don't necessarily dislike Google's services but I've just become less dependent on them over time. Other than YouTube I mainly only use Gmail and sheets because it's what I've had for some time. Sent from the iMore App
  • YouTube app is the only app I use but it's appearance it getting old as it needs to be updated for the larger displays. Looks like ass Sent from the iMore App
  • Agreed. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have one Google app on my phone and that Google Maps. The only reason I have that is to share and receive map links from my Android friends. Sent from the iMore App
  • I keep the Google Maps app around solely for the rare occasion when I'm traveling to a country with poor coverage by Apple maps.
  • Which is everywhere according to everyone I know.
  • TMI...
  • The only one I've been using for years now has been YouTube. I still like the swipe to minimize. Otherwise, I don't use any Google Apps. I use Polaris Office for Google Docs, since I can use that for OneDrive docs as well.
  • I don't use google apps, since I'm a windows phone user, and have an iPhone my phone is filled with Microsoft apps. Since Google refuses to make Google apps for windows phone they pretty much decided for me not to use their apps. Sent from the iMore App
  • they are so assholes for nor supporting windows phone
  • It’s just business. There aren’t enough Windows phones sold to make porting Google apps profitable. To call Google assholes for making business decisions shows ur total lack of business sense.
  • That's not completely true. Don't you know wp surpass iOS use in some countries?
    How about Mac OS that has under the market share of the wp? Why do they support Mac OS but not wp?
  • Do u really think that Google willfully forgoes a profitable venture because they are evil? And do u really think Google put their apps on MacOS because they “like” Apple?
  • Evil? They might be . Like Apple ... Not really. They know Apple can't compete with them if iOS (or Mac OS of that matter) isn't provided to other oems, wp on the other hand is given to the oems the same way android (so android really has some competition here). When people will start to realize that wp works smooth on 512 ram phones too, they'll leave android if they have the right apps. Google didn't forgot a profitable venture, they provided the ads packages for the wp developer (yea the shit that no customer needs) but they haven't made any other services available other than search and their shitty ads. It's more profitable for gogo to stay out of wp if that keeps people out of it
  • "It's more profitable for gogo to stay out of wp if that keeps people out of it” And that makes Gogo evil? Business is war. And that just makes Gogo shrewd. Listen, I don’t like Google’s business model of collecting my data, and therefore I refuse to be on Android. I also dislike Android because I had 4 Android phones, and they suck so bad I felt like throwing them against the wall every time I try to do something with them. My iPhone 5S is so much of a pleasure to use. But to attibute “Evil’ and “Shit” is just sophomoric.
  • I Never thought you'd be a google follower since you're here. What makes google evil is that they're using their monopoly in video land to keep users from wp. Drive maps and other shits are available from others too, but YouTube is not. And don't think that's not a deal breaker for some customers
  • No business stays in business if they make things nice for their competitors customers. One thing I know for sure. Unless you change your views, you will never be asked to run a company. But if you are, the company will fail.
  • I see you point here but ... First ... Do you have a company? Or ar you in the management of businesses? :) I'm not but I'm pretty sure it's: "customers is the priority always ". This is not about making things for other companies ... It's making things each every customers can use . If they consider wp users like second or third class citizens for their other services, that's not a good business model. I mean I see it like this: ok you use Microsoft's OS but you can use my storage service or my web search. But when they make it intentionally harder for wp customers to use their other services ... That's a fail
    Tell me if I'm wrong
  • Dan,
    Bill Gates once said “I do not want to make products that people want I want to make products that people need.” Given your indictment of Goggle, I assume you would consider that comment evil. But regardless of what people think of Bill, Gates, his business model worked really well for a long time until companies like Google and Apple started making products that people want. You mentioned, " "customers is the priority always “. But any business has to be selective who they identify as their customer base. They will not be around long if they try to be all things to all people. But within the niche they selected, they must be the best at it. I do not know why Google chose not to serve MS platform better, but I do know that people who get to work there are really, really smart. Wrt your first 2 questions. the answer is yes on both at different times of my life. But I am not either at this time, as I retired at 46.
  • Ok I see your point with the niche and selected customers.
    First, we're talking about YouTube customers... That's not a small niche and the customers are cross platform.
    Second, I don't think that the selected customers shouldn't be related to the other services or products the company have. I mean ... Why give access to YouTube and g drive only to people that use your OS platform and try your best to stop others? I got it WP's insignificant market share is a block, but if ms offered to make a yt app for free, with their programmers ... Google should have accepted it for the sake of the customers at least, or they risk to make enemies ( I for one never used any of Google's services even though they are available on my iPad and iPhone just because they choosed to ignore me when I had a wp). PS. I'm happy I can speak with someone that led a company.... That's my dream also.
  • I wish you the best!
  • Thanks ... You too ... and good luck
  • Also, Microsoft offered to make an YouTube app with their programmers but googshit refused to cooperate. Don't let them wash your brain with things like "it's just business ". They dropped support for activesync (property of Microsoft) to "move to open source protocols" then some months later they droped the open source ones to move to closed source protocols owned by them ... That's just pure hypocrisy!
  • I use Jasmine for YouTube. It's a nice app and I don't get ads.
    I wish I could find a reliable alternative to google calendars. iCloud isn't reliable at all, but there are no third party ones that do a good job. Urgh. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah I have a 3 year old whom lives on Youtube (Peppa Pig, etc). Love it as my electronic babysitter but those accidental links (xx) to adult videos are getting bad. Wish iOS apps with YouTube offerings had better kid sandboxing.
  • Same here. My 5 year old was watching a Littlest Pet Shop fan video the other day. Later she asked me, what's abortion mean Daddy? Adding that to my list of bad parenting moments... Sent from the iMore App
  • Just pay the $9 a month for Netflix. There's no need to subject a child to that kind of filth.
  • Yeah kinda tried that but its not quite the same. Maybe as he gets older that work out as an alternative. Now I can subscribe to YouTube channels (or set as Favorite) for him to get to from anywhere.
  • Have you tried the Sunrise calendar app? You can link other calendars to it as well as the Reminders app, and other apps like Evernote. It has great widgets in the Notification Center, too.
  • I like Calendars5. It syncs with Google calendars great, and can even integrate with google tasks as well if you use those. I tried Calengoo for a while, but Calendars5 is way better.
  • Im right there with you on maps, google doesnt know about all of the one way streets in my area which makes driving with gps a nightmare, apple has got them all. I was really quite surprised. Sent from the iMore App
  • Wait, is GoogleSync supported again? I lost that ability and had to use the Gmail option in mail.app for my gmail (and use the Gmail app for push notifications) after a restore sometime after they dropped support for it.
  • You need a paid Google account.
  • Ah... Thanks Rene! Any paid google service will enable it?
  • Uninstalled Youtube app. Refuse to sign in just to watch a video. Solved any gmail issues by forwarding all my gmail to another account (iCloud in my case). Have not found a need to use Google Maps for a couple of years now.
  • For me I still use: YouTube: don't see anything wrong with it except for a need for an update for the 6. I used to use jasmine but it hasn't been updated for a year and has some performance issues. Besides, I now need the YouTube app to pair with my chromecast. Hangouts: there's no good replacement for it (as far as I know?) so it's a must for me. Google maps: still better for me here in California. I get more hits on searches and addresses are simply more accurate (my house is still marked wrong which is a pain for guests - and no I don't live in the boonies). Lane assist is nice as well when I'm somewhere foreign.
  • Rene's right, Google does what's best for Google, not necessarily what is best for us. I've moved to DuckDuckGo as my (non-tracking) search engine in all versions of Safari, and I've deleted mobile Chrome since it doesn't integrate will with iOS. I ditched the Gmail app because it insisted on opening everything in the internal browser, which doesn't contain my passwords, necessitating an extra click every time. iOS's built-in Mail.app now has sensible swipe options to select trash, archive, flag, or unread, which makes it my choice even though it doesn't use Push for Gmail. This article got me thinking about the Google app on my front screen. I don't really need it either. Google Now is largely mooted by Notification Center, and I don't need Google remembering my web searches for all time (yes, I know how to clear them out). I deleted it and moved Ingress up to the front instead (yes, I know Google owns that, but it's a fun game). I also have Waze on my front screen. Google owns them, but haven't ruined them as of October 2014. That's my navigator of choice, moreso than Google Maps OR Apple Maps. The YouTube app exists to serve up ads. That's annoying, but at least it seems to recall my sign-in credentials, so I can view my Watch Later stuff. It stays, as does the YouTube Capture app. Things I miss:
    - the old ad-free YouTube app that was bundled with iOS
    - Exchange support for Gmail on mobile (push and sync worked better then)
  • You're right, Google does what's best for Google, but then again Apple only does what's best for Apple, including, for example, charging $100 for $10 worth of RAM on the iPhone line.
  • Okay, I'm all for getting rid of things you don't need. I'm also all for clearing out Google services. However, some of your "solutions" are not really solutions, at least not to me. (I am in a similar boat as you - my company uses Google Apps for Business.) Gmail: If you use labels in any significant way (multiple labels per email, as a way to quickly parse your inbox visually without reading, etc), the Mail app is not a good replacement, by a long shot. Hangouts: If I have friends or colleagues that (which I do) that use the service, it doesn't really seem like a feasible solution to simply remove the app. The point of a messaging app is to engage in conversations when they're happening. It's a personal choice to just ignore chats when you're mobile only, but that choice isn't unique to Google Hangouts. YouTube: You basically decided to stop using YouTube on your phone. Again, not a solution. I don't mean this to be hostile - perhaps you could recommend a replacement 3rd party app that meets your needs better? Google Search/Now: If you're someone that gets value from Google Now, then your solution is again not a solution. You've just decided not to use the service and not offered an alternative or replacement. Chrome: Sure, if you prefer Safari then I guess that works. If however you're on a Windows PC and you want bookmarks and history sync...then again, not a solution. Docs/Drive: Sure, you can use two other apps to compose and then paste into Docs...but isn't that just adding complexity? The solution proposed here is to ultimately use more apps, not less? As someone who is something of a mobile addict (I regularly switch between iPhone, Android and Windows Phone), I'm constantly looking for platform agnostic services. Google is terrible at supporting WP, so I was excited to read this article at first to see how you've done it. I commend the effort, but unfortunately, many of these proposals are not really solutions.
  • No disrespect, however, it doesn't appear to me that Rene offered this as a solutions-based article/post or a proposal. He's merely expressing why he hasn't installed the Google apps and how HE's been able to get by without them. With the multitude of user needs and use cases today, I find it impossible for him to give the "solution" you're looking for. This piece offers the opportunity for you to do the thinking for yourself, perhaps glean from his experience, and apply those things that you can. In short, your expectations from this post seem off-base.
  • Which begs the questions; why write the article in the first place? Is it a "rally the troop" kind of fluff piece? It is common knowledge that most iMore readers dislike Google so this article will get a lot of "I feel the same way" comments. Maybe, I am old school but I just believe that such rhetoric should be left for the rabid fanboys in the comment section. You have discovered you don't like Google apps anymore? Whoop dee doo, join the line! People grow in and out of apps everyday. Still, there are millions more that are finding Google apps incredibly useful. If I find an app that is better I will buy and use it. Which is the point the OP is making. No one cares about what you don't use anymore. Tell us WHAT YOU DO USE. That would be a great article. Albeit, a less fanboyish one... that may not rally the troops. Never mind.
  • Although (mildly ironically) despite you saying it'll get a lot of "I feel the same way" comments, it's gotten plenty of "you're a dumb fanboy and Apple screws you" comments anyway - along with plenty of stuff in the middle. That's the nature of internet comment sections, more or less. Active discussion, not a portal for disagreement only.
  • Google is the number one data spy in the world after the NSA. Sending your private details, habits, and location data to the highest (and lowest) bidder(s). Nothing Google is on my iPhone 6 Plus. I too have Chrome on my Mac, only for the rare occasion that I need Flash.
  • "Sending your private details, habits, and location data to the highest (and lowest) bidder(s)." Anys ource for that?
  • The fact they they are in the ad business. I hope your not serious into thinking they don't sell your info to advertisers? It's the reason they give you everything free "with ads". This is what they do.
  • The fact that they are in the ad business say that they sell ad space, not information. Pelase, con yopu put just a link where it is stated that Google sell any piece of information to other companies?
  • I recently searched for a memory card on an online retailer in chrome and after that search, I am seeing ads which suggest me memory cards and all the time there is the memory card which I ordered. That's pretty much selling
  • Why people don't inform before writing such wrong things? What the heck do you think has happened? Google knows your search history and puts a fucking ad about your search but they didn't sold anything to anyone Sop no, that's not pretty much selling, it is pretty much you don't knowing what you're talking about
  • You think Google is running the ads for free? Of course they're selling them. Google is tracking him based on his search history, email, maps usage, and every other piece of data they have about him. They are then selling ad space targeted against that history to the highest bidder. That's how it works. If you like that, great, use their services. If not, don't. To each their own.
  • That's not how it works. What is happening is google is tracking you and giving you ads based on your browsing habits. That info, you browsing habits, stays with Google. They do not sell this ad space to anyone. People just pay them to advertise their wares and Google decides who sees what advertisement and when. The advertiser does not know you anyone else for that matter that is being shown the ad. Why would they sell your data? That makes no sense, they would be selling data to a competitor. Also, do you people honestly think that Apple, Microsoft, and a billion other companies out there do not do the same thing? Microsoft has stated that they comply 100% with the NSA. MS basically overnights your info straight into the (un)reliable hands of the government. Apple no doubt does the exact same as MS. In fact Apple at the moment has worse security history in terms of storing your data than either MS or Google.
  • This Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • @oletros. If ignorance is bliss, you must reside in Eden. A simple web search as to google and their practices of (personal and corporate) data mining, will give you a plethora of results that could keep you reading for months! Since you request a source from anyone making a claim contrary to your beliefs, here you are... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-newman/why-googles-spying-on-use_b_... If you take a few moments you will also find that Spain and other nations have also sued (and won) google for the same thing. The most recent case was won by nine students targeted after mining ... And yet Google continues, knowing the fines are trivial compared to their 300+ billion annual net income.
    I was told about this as well a few years ago and personally chose to avoid google after I learned the facts. Scary when i think of the NSA and Google teaming up
  • @Harley-kid If reading comprehension is bliss, you must reside in Eden.. What the heck has to do your links with the claim that Google sells the information? Do you have probl3ems to parse just a simple questionj? I will repeat it. Do you have a fucking source that says that Google SELLS the information? And, by the waw, your link of Huffington post is one of the worst things. He lies and makes wrong claims just to justify NSA "In a similar vein, a whole range of scam artists, fake drug peddlers and underage "escort" services use user data provided by corporate partners like Google to find their victims. " This is totally false
  • Lol like Apple does not have your info dumbass Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • And you really think because they have the info they sell it? They are a hardware company they doesn't make money off of selling info to advertisers, hint at the reason people hate the cost of apple products.
  • Youi know that Apple have something called iAds. But no, like Google, Apple doesn´t sell information, they sell just ad space
  • Never seen iads scan my gmail for personally targetted ads either. Doesn't bother me, I don't use gmail so they can scan all they want. If apple scanned icloud I would be using something else, not apple fan boy, I use what I'm comfortable with and i'm half and half with outlook.com and icloud for me email, neither that I can see scans my email for ad purposes.
  • I've never seen iAds ever, not using a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone over the course of more than 5 years. Sounds falsified or just blown 110% out of proportion. Now, Google/Android on the other hand, that's their business. To sell "Your" information. I mean they are good at what they do but with everything going on with hacking and privacy, this should be a concern as not only is your information easily accessible but sold. Nice try....not really.
  • Can you put a link about Google selling information? If you're so sure about that you will easily prove your claims, don't you? Or are you just talking about something don't know?
  • Typical iFan response... I don't see it, and Rene hasn't mentioned it... So it must not exist... iLemming Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • " I don't use gmail so they can scan all they want. If apple scanned icloud I would be using something else," Then you will be upset when you know that every ISP (Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc) scans your emails and your attachments, don't you?
  • Do you have any proof for those extremely libellous claims?
  • I agree with Rene. I use Apple pretty much for everything. For the few emails I still recieve in Gmail, I actually have them forwarded to my iCloud account. I use Apple's Notes, Contact and Calendar. I must admit I use Office and Onedrive because it is part of my business account. IMHO, Apple just does it better than Google.
  • Wow the anti Google and Apple pro is unbelievable from you people. Android central colleagues are more fair and generally don't suck up to google or Samsung like you guys do to Apple. Google apps may not be perfect for the iPhone 6, 6+ but their services are still awesome and will not change them for Apple services and be stuck to one platform like you guys. They will get updated soon, gmail and chrome are already. My advice is use the awesome iPhone hardware and iOS but still use services which are cross platform like Google or Microsoft. Can't expect anything better from you Apple shills. Sent from the iMore App
  • Why are you so upset someone decides not to use google apps? I didn't read anything he said that was anti-google. He's using gmail just not the app. Using youtube just not the app. Waiting on snapseed and hangouts to be updated. Actually use hangouts everyday just not on the phone. Where's the anti-google here? Google decided to change drive to docs and sheets and a lot of people stopped using them, nothing to do with anti-google there.
  • You made no point at all. There really just saying that there is no need to use Google services like that anymore because Apple has finally made it so that there apps are good enough to not stray away. I mean, just think about it. Android was created as a response to Apple because it was viewed as limited. Which it was. Google just added a benefit for them to make money by selling your information and using these many services to do so. Apple today, though still may be looked as limited but the correct phrase should be, they have made improvements on the apps they created within their Apple Wall for user productivity and safety.
  • Reading comprehension goes a long way. Apple software is a walled garden. You can only really use their stuff if you stay in their ecosystem. What if one day you decide you want to switch to Windows Phone or Android? A lot of your data will not carry over because of the proprietary nature of Apple's stuff.
  • Recently did the same, as well as with Yahoo! apps. Now, the only apps I have from those 3 are Flickr (Yahoo!), Waze (Google) and YouTube (Google). The common thread there? All three were services I used prior to them being purchased by the search engines. The irony? I have 3 Microsoft apps (OneDrive, OneNote, Office Mobile)
  • Your loss ;)
    I would be lost without Google apps. But then again I want to make using technology easier, not harder on myself.
  • I've not recently set my iPhone up as new, but I've started thinking about what apps I have on my iPhone. The only Google Apps I've got on my phone are the YouTube suite (Capture, Creator Studio & YouTube), Google+, Hangouts (only really used for sending pictures to my mum since she's an Android user) & Google (don't really use the search feature of the Google App as I find it quicker to use Spotlight, so only really use it for the odd occasion I need Google Now). I never used the Gmail app on iOS (only gave it a try when I converted from Android to iPhone and didn't really like the iOS app so just use the iOS Mail app. I used to have Google Drive on my 4S until they split Docs, Sheets & Slides out from the main app. Between my 4S, Google Nexus 7 & Acer Chromebook I don't really need that much in the way of Google Apps on my phone so just keep the essentials on my phone. Roland
  • I'll be in Montreal this weekend so I'll test out Apple maps vs Google maps. Should be fun!
  • both maps have a hard time saying street names that are mostly in french if your phone is set in english .Makes me laugh all the time
  • They need to make a localized Text to Speech Engine which uses both English and French pronunciations.
  • Sounds like these are all apps that you don't need personally, it doesn't talk about any substitutes for apps or something that appeals to others. Bottom line write something for the public and what might work for them not just what doesn't work for you.
  • I love iPhone and iOS but don't need Apple apps. Mr. Apple shill can you tell me how can I uninstall them? Sent from the iMore App
  • IMO there isn't a better or faster Browser than Chrome, ties all my devices together without missing a beat. YouTube, complaining about the most popular app in mobile devices that has been updated several times in the last 2 weeks, the app is fantastic. Google maps, well simply there is no better app for maps in the world. Google Search, another app that no other can compare to, I use just about every Google app besides the stock gmail app, I use the stock mail app so all my mail falls into the same inbox. Google Voice has just been updeated as well and I can tell you it works great. I think you must be running out of subjects to write about, to make the topic of the day bashing the most downloaded and popular apps in mobile tells the story. Come on Rene, everyone knows you bleed Apple Juice but don't be a hater, it just doesn't look good. Just My Opinion.
  • Same here, I use iCloud for personal and outlook not bad for me with so much less spam when I use out of persona; use like sign up or work or anything.
    One Drive for me more useful with dropbox and YES SNAPSEED I really really need because it was such an amazing app wish that google didn't buy it or at least do an update for the interface at lease,
  • I use a Nexus 5 32GB and a iPhone 6+ 64GB. I like to switch between the two every 2-3 weeks. Using all google apps allows me to transition between the two phones the easiest. If I just use apple apps then I would be missing out when I use my android phone.
  • I'm in the same boat. I have to use Google apps as the bridge to use both Android and iOS concurrently and productively. So while this is an interesting read, I know a lot of this doesn't apply to me. I still respect the fact that he shared his experience. Some people's responses to this post (not yours) are so MEAN and RUDE that it's shocking. If his personal experiences apply to you, great. If not, read it and move on. If we "need" Google services, fine. Don't attack the guy just because he doesn't need them.
  • That's the beauty of an iPhone. You can use either safari or chrome as a browser, you can use maps or google maps, iWork or google docs, iMessage or hangouts etc. No other os gives you as much choice as iOS. Sent from the iMore App
  • Other OSes do, Apple just doesn't support them.
  • But that's what's great about Google apps, you are not tied up and gagged because of the hardware manufacturer you chose. I can use the services on any device I want. Now, your reply is probably: "But what about Windows Phone?" I have no doubt that Google will support them in time. No reason for them not to.
  • The only Google app I use right now and have installed is YouTube. Other then that nothing. It's a bit of a sunrise considering I've been on android for awhile and used gmail. For me I didn't like the fact that Google skims through my email for there advertising. I have since switched to iCloud as well as Apple maps which works great. I haven't missed google services yet. I really do think someone needs to come out with something to compete with YouTube though. Vimeo is great but your not going to see some of the things you do on YouTube simply because those people can make a living off YouTube. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm a little surprised the author used iCloud for personal email since you have no control over whats gets delivered to you, but I understand that some folk may not care about that. Overall, it sounds like the iPhone 6+ is no longer one of the best Google phones on the planet (at least for the author).
  • I always set up my phones as new. Even if I get a replacement phone through Applecare. I too am a Stock Mail user for my gmail accounts. I tried the Gmail app two different times and found it relatively worthless both times. Not just for multiple accounts/shared inbox, but just...general usability is poor. I've gone back to the stock Mail app both times I tried it. Sure there are things the stock app could do better, but I have yet to find a better solution than that one. I have only a couple Google apps on my phone that I don't really use all that often. The primary app I do use on my phone is GoogleVoice which I hope they keep separated from Hangouts bec I want it to remain freestanding phone related. It's the only Google app I am logged into on my phone. I have Maps but really don't use it much. I have YouTube but only use it on rare occasions. I pretty much search Google through Safari. This time around I didn't put all the apps I have back on this phone.
  • Not sure I could do without the Google apps. I don't use the GMail app as I always found it to be buggy and slow, but the others I use often.
    I have pretty much all my stuff on Google Drive.
    I have a ton of subscriptions in YouTube (I have no issues with the app, other than the obnoxious pre-roll ads).
    Google+ is great if you follow awesome photographers and is generally a far classier affair than Twitter or the cesspit that is Facebook.
    Hangouts is great for talking to non-Apple people.
    And as for Google Maps, I couldn't do without it. Apple Maps is better than it used to be here in the UK, but Google Maps is still vastly superior. Street View alone makes it essential. Generally I use the best app for the purpose, I have no loyalty to any particular provider. Google just happen to make a lot of really good apps though.
  • Thanks, Rene! Not surprisingly, the fandroid/google sheeple can't stand the idea of people leaving google. I haven't used anything by google for years and now, with DuckDuckGo, I don't have to use their search on iOS. It's too bad the fandroid/google sheeple are in such denial about the differences between Apple and google regarding what is done with our data. They can't accept that many of us choose Apple because we trust them more. Sure, they're a large corporation--we get that! Duh! Call it a "lesser of two evils" situation, if you must, but we have made the choice and Rene is documenting an interesting transition. And, guess what?! Some of us found it interesting and informative to read! OMG! "Projection," a classic defensive mechanism, is evident here with the fandroid/google sheeple calling us "shills" etc. Calm down, calm down: Rene's piece was hardly that of a "hater," jeez! He still uses google stuff, just not on his iPhone; he prefers some of their stuff for some things, and sometimes because he has to for work. My wife has to use gmail for work at a large university and she absolutely hates it. To each his/her own. By the way: last time I checked, the director of the FBI and other government officials weren't pissed off at google for making it harder for them to get our data. Anyone think that will ever happen?!
  • http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/25/6845261/fbi-director-blasts-apple-and-... The irony on you calling others sheeple is very funny, the greatest sheeple or Xboy here is you.
  • Although the original article I read on the subject did not mention google, I stand corrected. However, the rest of my post still stands. I invite google fan boys to admit their mistaken statements of equivalence between Apple and google vis-a-vis uses of our data. Now, you KNOW that ain't gonna happen!
  • The rest of your post is just a fanboy rant, nothing less, nothing more.
  • Thanks for proving me right, I knew you didn't have it in you.
  • Proved what, that you're exactly the same you accuse others? Yes, it has been proven
  • Proved that the knee-jerk critics of Rene's comments on anything to do with google or Samsung and who started the attacks cannot grasp the push back and, therefore, erroneously think we're the fanboys when we give them a dose of their own medicine. Clear now?!
  • You're an idiot Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Your wit becomes you.
  • Using the words "Fanboys"and Sheeple" immediately makes any reasonable person over the age of twelve discount everything you say. They are emotionally based, pejorative terms, similar in tone and context to calling someone the "N word" in an argument about race, or using the "B word" when arguing with a woman. Seriously. The minute you take a giant group of people, put a label on them and call them names, you signal that you are prepared to resort to emotional (and clearly false), generalisations that are essentially empty of meaning. In other words, you are signalling that you don't actually have an argument, so you are resorting to name calling instead.
  • Best post in this thread, imo.
  • The use of the terms, if I may point out to anyone not paying attention, was done after Rene was called a "hater," "stupid," etc. for what can hardly be characterized as anything hateful or fanboyish against google. And after multiple posts by said people called the pejorative terms and, more generally on this web site, unfair character attacks on Rene when he even thinks of typing "google" or "Samsung," it gets, well, rather tiresome. So, yes, I resorted to giving them doses of their own medicine. As far as not having an argument, the argument was simply the foolishness of the googlers using the aforementioned terms as well as "shills" prior to my post calling them out. Otherwise, generally speaking, your point is well taken. I will refrain from using them from now on and use more generic, innocuous terms., thanks.
  • I assume when someone refers to you as an iSheep, you don't take them seriously. Conversely, when you refer to Android users as fandroids or google sheeple, you just lost your audience.
  • See my reply directly above, thanks.
  • I've been thinking about doing the same... Dropping all uses of Google apps in general. I will try it when I get my new IPhone. Kind of sick of Google benefiting from my user info for ads and such but also as Rene mentioned most Google app integration in IOS kinda sucks.
  • Google does not benefit from your info unless you actually click the advertisements. Unless you click every ad they show you, you are really nothing to them.
  • While I disagree with your style, as you mentioned in the article. This is a summary/explanation of your personal usage. To all those who comment and are blasting the post, read the article correctly. Rene is talking about his own personal usage, the title isn't "Alternatives to Google Apps". I have an iPhone 6 Plus, I left the Android system about 3 years ago. However, my workflow currently depends on Google services, so in my personal usage experience, I need Google services. It's that simple. To all the rest, who say they are worried about Google or Apple or whoever spying on your usage. 2 things to consider. 1) The fact that you're online, blogging, commenting, have a social media account, or just a basic online presence of e-mail. Good luck. You don't want anyone spying on you, don't use their products, don't go online, don't use the internet. 2) People who worry about being spied on, are you worried the NSA might find something? What could you possibly be doing that would get the NSA's attention? If it does, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it! Food for thought. Thanks Rene for the article, I enjoyed the previous one as well concerning the apps that you have on your Plus. Due to that article, I am currently experimenting with Slack and trying to see how to integrate it. Would love to hear more about it from your perspective in future posts.
  • Article came off as a bit douchey. I use YouTube and GMail apps. That's all I need, personally.
  • All are believable except the Maps one. While I don't doubt you got lucky and your area got mapped by Apple, Google, and even Nokia, both have a huge advantage on the quality and reach of their mapping, and honestly, they can't be touched right now. Of course, with the money Apple is pulling in, Nokia being dismembered by Microsoft and the complacency of Google the gap will most likely close, but Google Maps and HERE Maps are amply superior right now to Apple Maps.
  • I use YouTube, nothing more nor less. I have my gmail address in the Mail app, and my job uses Outlook for its email client. I used to use Google Maps, but Apple Maps has begun to give me the same thing in terms of directions and what not, so away it went once I began to use the iPhone 6. Only reason I even have a gmail address is because I have all my contacts on there, and that's the email I had since gmail came out as a beta service way back.
  • As someone who actively tries to avoid Google and all their services for moral reasons, I love this post. Simply because although it's really just about Rene's current personal preferences for apps, it pokes a bit of a hole in the myth that one *has* to use Google apps. Personally, I keep Google maps and Chrome browser on my iPhone still, (deep in a folder on the last page), because Apple Maps is just non-functional in my area, and because I really don't like Safari's UI (Google's Chrome being the only serious alternative browser on iOS). What doesn't get enough mention IMO, and what really quite turns me off of all google's properties, is the fact that while you used to be able to get the full functionality of their products "out of the box" you now have to log-in with your G+ ID to get most of them to even work at all. Your settings and app state aren't saved, you can't watch anything but puppy videos if you don't log-in to YouTube, etc. etc. This is plainly evil of Google to do this. They are essentially withholding service if you don't join their party. I know some will say the log-in is necessary for certain functionality, but if you look into it even slightly it's clear that this is a dodge. Many of the things they lock out from users who haven't signed in are just generic features that don't need the user to identify themselves at all.
  • "This is plainly evil of Google to do this. They are essentially withholding service if you don't join their party." Agree 100%. It's a lame attempt at propping up Google+.
    You know, as part of Google's failed attempt to replicate FaceBook. I saw "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978) on Netflix a few days ago. Tonight I'll be seeing a restored print of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956) at my local movie theater. And I'll be thinking of Google and how they sneak in and try to snatch market share from incumbents.
  • To be fair, your G+ account isn't just for Google+. It's for Gmail, Drive, Maps, Youtube, etc. It links all the google family of applications together and lets them interact and work with one another. It's a SERVICE. Hardly evil, really?
  • These guys are delusional, don't waste your time. That's like me complaining about logging in with my Apple ID to use iTunes. Well, duh!
  • Well that's the point isn't it? It's advertised as a sort of Facebook thing, but in reality, it's the lock they use to shut out non-members. You don't really know your history either in that it never *used* to be that way. Originally, the services they provided needed no log-in. Then they created G+ which was presented to the user as a social network only. Then only *after* that, did they start to link all their services to G+. Then sometime *after* that, they started locking out portions of those services if you fail to log-in with G+. I mean where have you been that you don't know this? You use their services and support them to the degree that you will argue with a stranger on the Internet about it, yet you don't know even the basic history of the services that you use?
  • Look, if you want to see conspiracies and cloak and dagger in what is essentially a growth of a service, more power to you. I've been using GMail since the beta started so I think I know a little about it's history, thanks. I really don't feel like being drawn into an argument about this, it's silly.
  • i have a gmail account i that i got as part of my google account which i can't delete without loosing everything on stuff related to google i've had that setup in the mail.app for a while and get emails through it occasionally
  • The only google app left on my iPhone is Photo Sphere Camera.
    Definitely agree about the official youtube app, plenty of alternatives that provide more features and without forcing me to watch pre-roll ads either...
  • I like the *idea* of Photo Sphere and downloaded it just now based on your suggestion here. However I deleted it after one picture because it did such an awful job at the stitching. Perhaps this is the state of stitching algorithms and not Google's fault IDK. What I found hilarious however, is that one of the permissions that comes up is that it asks if it can track your location "even when the app is not in use." Which is clearly not necessary for any of the functionality of this app, because it also prompts you two separate times for your location even when you are taking the shot. What clearer evidence could there be of Google's "evil" intentions?
  • "If the YouTube app is ever updated to actually save the state of where I was when last I left it" This is a problem that plagues all of Google's apps. They do not save state! None of them! The Gmail app is driving me insane!!!! I really miss Exchange ActiveSync setup from my iPhone 5. I did setup my iPhone 6 as new and downloaded apps as needed including many Google apps. But after reading Rene's recent pieces I'm really thinking I am going to try and follow Rene here and remove Google apps from my iPhone.
  • "... after close to 3 weeks, I still hadn't needed a single Google app." And good riddance. I only have two Google apps on my iPhone 6 and iPad mini: YouTube and Google Earth. And I haven't used Google Earth in years. It's there just in case. Have set up Apple Mail to access my Gmail accounts (and Yahoo accounts.) Very convenient to have just one Inbox.
  • YouTube Is the only Google app I have on my 5S after setting it up yesterday as new and I typically only download about 25 apps total Sent from the iMore App
  • Google Maps won't be leaving my phone anytime soon. As a hunter and outdoors man I find invaluable the property line markings on their maps here in the US. My use case is unique, but when you are in the middle of large tract of land with various owners it's great to know where one property ends and another begins.
  • I just set up gmail through the iOS mail app, no issues for me and I don't need the Gmail app. I can't use Apple maps because the 3 times I have it brought me to the wrong place. I'd hoped they would have it up to date by now! Sent from the iMore App
  • Most of theGoogle apps you mentioned I have no use for anyway. I have never liked using separate email apps for different accounts, so it was a no-brainer to just set up my GMail within the mail.app on my iPhone.. I do have Google Maps installed because I still cannot trust Apple Maps where I live. Though for GPS routing, I use Garmin USA so I don't rack up data charges and avoid problems with cellular dead zones.
  • I Still use Google Maps - far, *far* better than Apple Maps for me, and I keep gmail around for inbox searching. The rest, I have installed, but do not use regularly. Sent from the iMore App
  • I wish Google Keep was available for iOS.
  • +1
  • The best reason to stop using Google apps on your iPhone...is so that you don't become lured by the power of the dark side and jump ship to android. Remember...ignorance is bliss!
  • Yeah sure ok if you say so.
  • What are you, 8 years old?
  • I have the Google app on my iPhone 6 plus and I'm ready to delete that b*tch if Google doesn't hurry up and update it, its a really buggy experience right now and isn't formatted properly for the new iPhone sizes. I just don't get how a large company like Google hasn't updated the majority of their apps for the 6 plus yet these little one man operations got their apps updated the day I got my new phone. The only app Google has which I can't see myself getting rid of is Google Maps just because they have a superior POI database and I love StreetView for checking out the surrounding area I will be staying in before leaving for vacation or a business trip.
  • I didn't realize until I read this article that when I set up my iPhone 6+ that I didn't readd all my Google apps (Google Now, Google Search, YouTube, Google+ and Google Maps) from my iPhone 4 and I'm surprised that I don't miss them. I have a Gmail account for school but my Mail app handles it quite well. I've been adding apps as I need them. I'm not anti-Google by any means; I think the feature sets are awesome and I've enjoyed using them. I do think visually they were lacking. Google+ was the only one that was elegant and enjoyable to use while viewing photography posts. However, I do like the fact that they are available should the need arise.
  • I guess I just don't get using specific apps like Gmail and Yahoo mail. I don't use yahoo anymore any way but I have to keep up with 3 gmail, my icloud mail, and an outlook account. The built in mail app lets me see it all or I can go account by account if I nee Sent from the iMore App
  • This page crashed my Safari more than I can count! Reason: Unknown ... perhaps because I have google-whatever-crap blocker ... On another note, Rene, Welcome to the Wonderful World of Google-Less. What took you so long though? There are many of us happily enjoying our digital lives without google for a number of years now .... ;)
  • I've done business with Apple or Microsoft, and therefore have accounts with them. That has email, storage, documents and all that mess covered twice over. Plus, they're salesmen trying to get me to buy their products for money, so I trust them way more than those hucksters at Google. Those fucking people are like the dude in the old van with the painting of the wolf on it. He has plenty of candy for the kids, but they have to give something in return. That's El Goog.
  • I tried Gmail a couple of times but I hated the full screen view. Google Maps, Translate and Drive are on my phone right now. I rarely use Drive (so deleting) but I do open translate quite often.
  • Rene, what a stupid thing to say that the iphone us one of the best google phones available!! You are beyond an apple fanboy. Saying something that stupid is just disgusting. the iphone and ipad have NOTHING on the android platform when it comes to google services, and functionality. You're an idiot! I imagine you're going to be quite pissed 2 years from now when people are walking around with $200 full HD handsets with lightning fast hardware running android. Your precious might lose quite a hit of money moving forward, and isn't that what you people love to hold onto so dearly? Apples large profitshare with such a. Small marketshare??? Lolololol Atleast a couple years from now your apple devices will be much more affordable, that's good for apple consumers Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Rants like this will convert no one to your opinion, and once you start name calling, you lose any credibility you may have been trying to build.
  • Ommadawn, I give you ten points! Sent from the iMore App
  • Hi Rene, I did the same switch when I back to iOS last month, after more than 3 years on Android. Currently, the only app from Google I have in my iPhone is Youtube.
    I left Google Voice and get my GV number back to my iPhone (I don't need to manage with 2 app for texting). My contacts are sync in iCloud, calendar too.. I only need to leave Gmail to iCould email. I will be happy to pay 1$/ month to get my privacy back but I have issue to do this transition. I have the same email with my domain from 17 years (***@lucas3d.com) . Gmail permit to set the reply email by any email you like. I didn't find the option in iCloud setting :-( Someone have any idea ? Thanks
  • I use gmail app, google maps, wallet, drive, translate and chrome, you tube, I also entered my gmail in the email app just so I could use google calendar as well. I also use the Microsoft office products and onedrive. Not integrated as well as on my android, but good enough. For those that say maps works as well as google maps, I just chuckle. That has not been my experience. I might try icloud drive once they get it up and running.
  • I'm here to testify: divesting yourself of Google entirely *can* be done. I got off the bandwagon years ago, fed up with being tracked all the time and with lousy apps. I'll conceded if it matters to anyone that Google search is the best. I don't care -- because I find what I'm looking for with Yahoo/Bing anyway. Webmail is an abomination, I don't want Google parsing my mail, and GMail doesn't play nice with desktop clients, so good riddance. On those few occasions when I've been frustrated with Apple Maps, I will check Google Maps, and it's rarely any better. I do watch an occasional YouTube video I guess, and I have friends who won't give up Google Talk (which I access through Messages), but I'd hardly count that as being part of their ecosystem. Down with Google.
  • Ok, thanks to those who suggested Jasmine for YouTube. Now I am down to one official app, Waze. And that is just my backup for new areas, plus the app was developed pre-Google Sent from the iMore App
  • I use multiple platforms (iOS, OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, Windows [desktop VM]). So I stay away from Apple services and apps as much as possible because they're not cross-platform. Even on OS X, I stay away from Apple services and apps and stick with cross-platform cloud based alternatives, usually from Google. It doesn't help that Apple is still horrible at cloud services. In contrast, Google apps and services run on all the devices I use. Apple has no alternatives for YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, G+, Google Docs/Drive, Google Maps, etc. Or even when they do, their offerings usually are not as stable, or as reliable as Google's solutions. Apple is fantastic at hardware design. Software and cloud services, however, is not their forte. For that Google is the more reliable, stable, and cross-platform option. So, yes, even on my iPhone/iPad Mini, Google services still dominate because the alternatives just don't cut it, or don't exist.
  • Apple does seem to have Some reliability issues with their cloud services. Way more downtime and service interruptions than Microsoft and Google.
  • Yeap, it's not their forte. Love their hardware engineering/design though.
  • Apple does have interruptions and downtime, but my experience is that it's about equal to Microsoft (I also use a lot of MSFT services like OneDrive, Skype, OneNote, Outlook, Office 365). Not sure about Google because I don't use their services much, although I remember hearing about a major Gmail outage not too long ago.
    Where Apple does struggle, in my experience, is when launching a new service. They seem to have more teething problems in the first few months than their competitors. Whether that's because they tend to launch too quickly, or have less robust QC processes, I've no idea. We saw it with MobileMe, Apple Maps, and currently with iCloud Drive. We sometimes see it with software updates, too.
    After they get through those teething problems, I've found they're about as reliable as anyone else (which is to say, nobody is perfect). But they really need better processes for pre-release testing.
  • I am recently returned to iPhone after 2 1/2 years with android. So i've been pretty deep into google services. I had hoped that some services like Apple Maps would be good enough to replace some of them. However, my first week with Apple maps took me to a bogus destination and then took me into the back of a neighborhood and told me to walk to my destination, which was a Home Depot. If it can' they me to Home Depot, I'm not likely to trust it to get me somewhere when time is sensitive. I'll still use it when I need to start while driving, using Siri, but I also echo one of the other posters who lamented the ability to move around the map in Apple Maps. For some of the others, I totally agree. Another I'll not likely get rid of is gmail. Both my personal and work email is in gmail, and neither is paid. I don't mind the app, though. It's easier for me than the native mail app, when I'm using gmail for both home and work.
  • First thing I did was install all the Google apps and put most of the Apple apps in a folder. Now, Google needs to update for the 6 Plus.
  • When i initially read the title i thought it was something that ios 8 or he iphone 6 plus brought to the table that caused the change but nothing in this article is really a new solution Sent from the iMore App
  • I use Apple Maps which works great from my experience. Apple's icloud mail is much more secure. I host my videos on my blog site because I don't want people to have to watch a commercial while someone else makes money off my work. I neither need nor want Google's services. If I pinch in Safari I can easily select open tabs from any of my other devices. Google's "predictive" features, I've found, shows me where I've been and their ads advertise things I've already bought or rejected. It's all backward looking. I much prefer DuckDuckGo to Google, and I prefer Safari to Chrome. I don't like to be tracked and I don't like to be served up extra ads that appear when comparing Chrome and Safari where Chrome shows more ads on the same pages. It is a double edged sword. I don't like Google's offerings and I do like Apple's stock alternatives MUCH better. I don't see how it is a choice although I don't care whether other people use them. Google is WAY overrated from my perspective, toxic and invasive.
  • All of you sheep use maps, YouTube, and gmail, so stop lying. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • My feeling is that if you want to use all of Google's apps and services then get an Android device. I go all in and use zero Google apps on any of my devices: iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple TV. I do have a GMail account along with my icloud mail and use YouTube rarely, but certainly no dedicated apps. Apple Maps in my area works just as well in my area as Google Maps, and where it is wrong Google is wrong too. I don't need data on my iPhone to follow Apple Maps directions so long as I get them through Wifi before leaving which is a hoot. I like Apple's apps and services and I like to go all in with keeping my devices as compatible as possible. To me that means going either Microsoft or Apple, and I have always disliked Windows. There is no good Android laptop for my pro-level music and prosumer video uses, so Android is out so far as a desktop/tablet/phone solution is concerned. And like I said, I have never liked Windows so that leaves Apple which I genuinely do like. The main use and killer apps scenario dictates the whole ecosystem for me, and that means Apple. Certainly others will have other preferences. For the life of me I don't get Android because there is no pro-level desktop like OSX or Windows for genuine high level work.
  • I use Google Maps mainly because I find Street View very useful, and because (at least in my area) it tends to have more accurate and detailed information such as points of interest, and street names are a bit easier to read. And I use Google Translate. But that's about it as far as Google's apps are concerned.
  • I'm actually not impressed with Google apps except for YouTube and that more of a time waster than anything.
  • My only problem with Mail.App+Gmail on the iPhone is that I have quite a few Gmail Aliases which I use with my Gmail Google Apps Enterprise Account on a daily basis. Mail.App on the Mac has a workaround to add the Aliases, but not on the iPhone. If I were to find a workaround, I'd definitely send the Gmail App to fantasy land.
  • I have no issues with gmail through the ipad mail app. Love it!
  • So basically you didnt really drop Google purely because better alternatives are out there, you just dropped Google for the mere sake of dropping Google. The Youtube app cant remember your history without your being logged in? Seriously, that's the 'issue'? Give me a break...Im thinking of dropping iTunes and the App Store cause the damn thing wont list my purchases unless I log into my icloud account. Funny how you keep praising the 'iOS' experience and then persuade yourself that Youtube on a mobile browser, which is clunky and jerky as hell, appear to come even close to what the app offers. Im an Apple enthusiast (recently switched back from Google Android, so I appreciate it even more these days), hower the level of fanaticism you display here (fair enough, it's your turf) or on Macbreak Weekly for instance (a bit more problematic for that matter) is slowly turning into a farce. Shame, cause you often have valid analyses on Apple as a whole, however they are being overshadowed by these types of articles and podcast interventions you keep multiplying.
  • +1 It is just to obvious what he does. I decided to stop listening to the Podcast. It just to unbalanced.
  • I really hate YouTube application because it always shows the advertising before content. Most annoying thing ever. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have been Google free on desktop and on mobile, iOS, for nearly 10 months and not missing a thing. My employer uses a Google corporate account to manage it's mail so I still use Google in enterprise but I do that using the Apple Mail app. I have tried others to manage my Gmail account at work but always come back to Apple's Mail app. Except for work I do not use Google for anything personal and I have no personal Google accounts any longer.… As far as I know. I did cancel them, at least I know that.
  • These articles have the purpose to generate traffic. That is why today I am saying goodbye to iMore. You have a lot to learn from the Android Central guys! Bye!
  • The main reason not to use Google apps on an iPhone 6 Plus is that they don't conform to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. All applicable native Apple apps and the vast majority of third-party apps that have been updated for iOS 7 or higher support the horizontal swipe gesture (swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right) to go "back" (i.e. back in the browsing history in Safari or back "up the stack" in utility apps like Settings, Mail, etc.). This means you don't ever have to reach the far-away top-left "back" button. Not only that, it is incredibly useful, fun, and a HUGE timesaver, especially on the larger 6 Plus. Google ignores this paradigm in their apps. In Chrome, for example, this gesture takes you to another tab, not back to the previous page. In Gmail it does nothing. Google's apps break the consistency expected by apps on iOS. They do it because that's how it's done on Android, since Androids have a dedicated back button. But this is a different OS and the apps need to be built for optimal use in this environment. I delete any apps that don't conform to the horizontal-swipe-to-go-back gesture. It's that useful. If you haven't tried it, please do so. It's on every iOS device with iOS 7+. You'll be hooked.
  • humm interesting article didn't think people still use iphones. as i have stopped using iphones for years now. and the reason being. i keep running into that infamous brick wall. i now have a note3 and i don't even need a home
    computer. i can do everythig on this phone it's magical. with the spen i can do charts and graphs, not too mention spead sheets work natively. i can have true multi-tasking which means i can have 2 live windows opened up at the
    same time. none of that fake multi-tasking were your constantly double tapping the home button to flip back and forth to and from apps. that's soo lame. not to mention when it's time to relax and watch some tv. i can watch all types of formats without converting them first via my computer. and for live events like ufc.boxing,local news,all nfl,nba,mlb games all live for free on xbmc. hell when i come to think of it why do i even need to go home. now that's a smartphone. everything eles is just a phone
  • I want to buy usa unlocked mobile i phone 6
  • René, you're some creepy fanboy...
  • I still can't let go of Google maps and YouTube. Apple maps is still way too inaccurate for where I live in comparison to google maps. I'm very unhappy that videos don't play the last time you saw it in the app, but I just can't remove it yet. Sent from the iMore App
  • I still can't let go of Google maps and YouTube. Apple maps is still way too inaccurate for where I live in comparison to google maps. I'm very unhappy that videos don't play the last time you saw it in the app, but I just can't remove it yet. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hmmm well this seems a bit extreme there is at least one google app that I would keep on an iphone (thinking of switching back currently own a nexus 5). Funny all my immediate family use iphones but 90% of my friends have androids. Since imessage isn't multiplatform hangouts is an app that I would need to keep for group messaging and is also handy if I need to make a call with VOIP when I'm roaming in another country. Those are good enough reasons to keep that app on hand. Hopefully they fix the battery drain issue you speak of but you can just keep it closed when not in use. I would probably keep using Google maps but would to compare it with apple maps again. I think there is an issue trying to share directions and location with none apple users with apple maps so another reason to keep using google maps on an iphone.
  • Your arguments against YouTube, you're a funny guy... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I think Google Calendar works great on iOS. And it syncs across multiple iOS just fine. I even set up multiple calendars (work, school, personal, etc) within my single Gmail account, and they show up under different colors.
  • Does chrome on iOS let you watch flash videos?
  • What is with all of the negative comments lately? It is like every opinion piece on any of the mobile nation websites draws a lot of negative comments. Opinion pieces are just that, the person's opinion. You don't have to agree with them. Hell, they probably like well thought out responses that disagree with them as that makes for a lively comment section. The problem is that a lot of people jump in with name calling. People talk about Rene being an Apple fanboy and not giving other OSs their due. Crackberry Kevin caught flack when he tried out other operating systems. In the last year I have used an iPhone, three different androids, two different BB10 devices, as well as a Lumia Icon. I enjoy reading opinion pieces, even if the are biased. Hell, I would seriously question these guys if they weren't a little biased towards the operating system that they like enough to spend years writing about. So far, no OS has had everything I want. I wish I could cherry pick the parts I like from each. For me, Siri is better than Google voice, but needs to be able to learn my speech patterns better than she does. Cortana was pretty good but limited at the time I tried it. Each platform handles email differently. Sadly, for me at least, the basic iOS mail app won't delete outlook emails. Basically all I'm saying is, why don't we try quit being pricks to the editors and writers here, and instead try constructive comments?
  • We'll said Nate. (And at the risk of be flamed, I'm still a fan of BlackBerry and their OS).
  • I can delete outlook emails on my iPhone 6 ...please explain what you mean
  • Iphone 6 is good and I am an apple fan. Imac macbook...
    So now Google. I love Google and use a oneplus for sometime. All my Fotos are in a cloud and it's free. Google Drive works awesome for me and Google Chrome is working fine. Google maps is working very good. Email? Well not important to have push mail.
    We having a lot of fun with hangout! Specialy the kids when they call there cousins. If I get a iPhone again first thing I install is YouTube.
  • The only Google apps I use are Google Maps and YouTube.
  • I am using Google services/ apps less and less as well. I have both iPhone6 and Galaxy S4 but i prefer my iPhone. Google is sort of a giant who dont really care about anyone in my opinion. They make half baked stuff and role it out without any support or anything. Drive is a good example, there is still no selective subfolder synd and after lots of requests there is no response or anything. They can change their apps one day without any warning or anything. Its just not reliable and without any support whatsoever i dont feel comfortable to use their services. I only use Gmail allot today but i'm starting to see other alternatives as well.
  • This was a really interesting article! I tried it too, but I miss the YouTube app. It allows simultaneous browsing and listening, which I really love. I would Really love to be able to listen while I do other stuff, but oh well, that's what the second screen is for. I don't miss the others. Actually Hangouts would give my husband the mistaken impression I had seen his messages and ignored them (while giving me no idea) so it was very useful to completely uninstall that mess.
  • what about google shopping express. its the best!
  • Dispatch is the best choice for email including Gmail. If you don't want to pay for an app then Acompli is the best free email app. I use 1Password over Chrome or Mercury Web Browser if you want free. Dropbox over Google Drive. iWorks over Google Docs. Never used Snapseed. I like Jasmine over YouTube. Skype over Hangouts. Facebook over Google+. Google Maps, Google Search and YouTube (until Jasmine is updated) are the only Google apps I use. Scout to me has potential to surpass Google Maps. I'm hoping in the end only Google Search is the only Google app I'm left with.
  • Everything else I can understand, but IMO Chrome is way faster than the other browsers. I've compared all of them.
  • The only Google app I have installed is Authenticator. Several services I use support 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. I no longer have a Google account. I use iCloud email, Apple Maps, Spotlight to search the web (which is set to Bing), Safari to browse, iMessage & FaceTime to chat. So I'm an Apple user living happily in the Apple ecosystem. I can do everything I did with Google services before now without the creeper eyes of Google watching. In fact the only non-Apple service I rely on is Microsoft OneDrive, but iCloud Drive is starting to win me over also.
  • Have to agree with the author, Mr. Ritchie, slowly but surely the need for anything Google has faded from my iOS devices and now even my Mac. I don't like Google selling my search history so I turned it off. Then I found out that AT&T & Verizon put a unique idenitfying header (UIDH) on all of my cellular browsing traffic so sites can uniquely identify me regardless of my settings so logging out of Google is now pointless as they can and do track that indicator (notice how ads are still tailored to your search results even when you aren't logged in, yep...) So I tried Bing (sad), Yahoo (tracking with the UIDH) and finally DuckDuck and to my surprise, DuckDuckGo has great search results, respects my privacy and AND has a much better user interface than those horrible UI abominations named Google. Google everything is now flushed from my iPhone with one exception, my "spam" account remains in Google... collecting junk, a gaggle of google is in there.
  • Oh yes, to see the permacookie (UIDH) that AT&T and Verizon cellular tack on to your traffic, go here: http://bit.ly/permacookiecheck . Note the last header line. That will be unique to your device's data plan if using a connection through AT&T or Verizon. T-Mobile does not do this. (I have devices on all, it's my job)
  • I just think it's funny that most people just hate apple because of how much others love it. I have many times left Apple for android and windows, hoping that they caught up and I could have a better user experience with them but no .... Apple no matter which android or windows phone I got ... No matter how expensive, and I bought the top of the line. I'm just saying price wasn't an issue either as some are saying in the comments ... Apple just makes better products that compliment the software and vice-versa and last longer, which is important. Trust me guys I wanted to want to switch and stay switch from Apple ...but they still the best.. Don't take it personal man, maybe one day Google or someone else will be best.
  • Rene, I was curious if you are still Google free? ICloud mail been reliable for you? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  • I can't entirely de-google myself cause of search, maps and docs.