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What you need to know

  • No More Heroes 3 has been delayed.
  • Developer Grasshopper Manufacture says the title will now be released in 2021.
  • COVID-19 has impacted the development of the game.

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture has announced that its highly anticipated Nintendo Switch title No More Heroes 3 has been delayed until 2021.

Grasshopper's Goichi Suda, director of No More Heroes 3, made the announcement via Twitter overnight:

The statement says:

"Reading through the comments of fans on social media, we know 2020 has been a very tough period for many of you. To everyone who has been waiting for further news and release date confirmation ever since the reveal of the trailer for No More Heroes 3 at TGA at the end of 2019, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies."

Suda states that whilst the team has been working "as hard as possible" in the hopes of releasing the game in 2020, the effects of COVID-19 "have unfortunately proven to be a real body blow to our schedule, causing unforeseen delays in development."

Suda says that whilst the team is "back on our feet", they have decided to focus on prioritizing quality and therefore have pushed back the final release date. Suda further stated, "We hope that everyone who has been waiting patiently for No More Heroes 3 can understand and accept this decision, and we will continue to put every effort into the title's development as we shoot for a 2021 release date."

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No More Heroes 3 was unveiled in 2019, and whilst it was previously pegged for a 2020 release date, there was no firm date set. The title is still available to preorder from Amazon, although the listed release date has not yet been updated to reflect this latest announcement.

No More Heroes 3: Everything you need to know

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