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Nomad fixes Tesla 3's obvious omission with wireless charging deck

Nomad has just launched a fancy new wireless charging deck specifically designed for the Tesla. It's called the Tesla Wireless Charger - Model 3 Edition and it's a dock that connects to the Model 3's two USB-A port so you can wirelessly charge your device while you're on the road.

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It is designed to fit into the Tesla 3's charging dash and has an internal 6000 mAh battery to send fast charging of 1A to 2A to supported devices.

The powerful dual-charging pad supports 7.5 w output and yes, it can juice up two devices at the same time. How is that possible? It connects to both of the Tesla 3's USB-A ports to beef up its charging capabilities.

The anti-slip rubber mat, combined with raised support dividers, will keep your phone from sliding around while its tucked away in the charging compartment.

It's also got some fancy LED status lights built right into it. If your phone is charging, the light will glow amber. If it's fully charged, it'll be white. You don't have to wake your phone to see if it's ready for use.

I don't own a Tesla but if I did, I'd love to have a wireless charging deck designed to look like it came with the car.

Nomad's Tesla Wireless Charger - Model 3 Edition is regularly priced at $149.95, but you can preorder one now with an estimated shipping date of September 1 for $20 off at $129.95.

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  • I see more disadvantages than advantages to these. Wires allow me to place the phone(s) wherever best needed, the passenger can charge and use their phone, tablets can also be charges, wires take up less space.
  • Some people prefer wireless charging, the simplicity of just putting your device down and it charging. Plus it means the charging port will last longer, every time you plug in or out the port is slightly more worn.