Nomad gives away free Lightning cables with $5 donation

Nothing is better than getting something for free. How about if it is for a great cause? That's what Nomad's new Carbon Fund Initiative does—gets you a free Lightning cable—and all you have to do is donate $5 to a great cause.

Nomad's Carbon Fund Initiative is aimed at raising funds for reforestation in the Amazon. I you do donate $5, it will help plant five trees in the Amazon. You can also donate $10 and $20 to plant ten or twenty trees. If you donate, Nomad will send you its 1.5 meter Lightning cable for free (plus shipping), which normally goes for $24.95.

Every dollar donated plants a tree in Acre, a region of Brazil, that is being devastated by deforestation. We want to try to reverse this. Every ten trees planted captures around one ton of C02.Nomad is committed to offsetting all carbon emissions generated during the shipping of our products - from production to final delivery at your door. Your shipment will be completely carbon neutral.

If you were thinking of scooping up a new Lightning cable, now is the time to do so. It's a great cause and you'll get a fantastic cable out of it. Nomad will make $0 through this promotion.

You can go to Nomad's site to jump on this amazing deal.

Danny Zepeda