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What you need to know

  • Nomad is now producing medical supplies.
  • The company announced it has retooled its factories to join the effort against COVID-19.
  • You can order masks starting today.

Popular Apple accessory maker Nomad is joining the fight against the coronavirus in a huge way. The company announced in a letter from its CEO today that, in response to the rising need of essential medical supplies, it has retooled its factories to produce face masks for

"Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the medical supply chain for critical supplies has been pushed beyond capacity. In response to sudden and unprecedented need, Nomad has reprioritized our operations to provide medical supplies, like face masks, to those fighting this pandemic. We're beginning to take orders today. Any profit from this operation will be donated to fight against COVID-19."

While the masks are not the N95 respirators commonly sought after by hospitals, they are being recommended for use in "lower contact situations". Nomad has instructed those interested to reference if these masks would be appropriate for their use in a comparison chart.

"We currently have face masks available. Medical professionals around the world have found these effective in reducing transmission. These are not N95 respirators."

Nomad is taking orders now and says that any profit made from the purchase of these masks will be donated to the fight against COVID-19. It is also prioritizing purchases in the following order:

  1. Medical professionals
  2. First responders
  3. Essential businesses

After nearly a decade in business, Nomad has developed a robust supply chain that fulfills thousands of orders around the world each week. We are taking advantage of our system to quickly move medical supplies from our Asian and North American warehouses to frontline responders globally. We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers in China, who have converted production to medical supplies in the fight against COVID-19. We operate a warehouse in Hong Kong, allowing for quick processing and shipping of supplies directly to frontline responders. Our goal is to provide masks to those who need them most at the lowest cost possible."

If you would like to order masks, you can do so directly through Nomad. You can also donate masks to those in need here.

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