Nomad Base Station ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Nomad's new use Station Pro is here.
  • It let you put devices anywhere and they'll charge just fine.
  • You can even charge three phones at once.

Apple tried and failed to produce a wireless charger that let us place our devices anywhere and have them charge. Nomad just did it, with the Base Station Pro now something you can buy. And buy it, you probably should.

Available now for $229 direct from Nomad this thing not only charges your iPhone, but your significant other's iPhone, too. And your AirPods. It won't charge your Apple Watch though – something the aforementioned AirPower would have managed. But the Base Station Pro exists and you can buy it now.

AirPower, not so much.

We've already reviewed this thing and Lory was a fan. The bottom line? Buy it.

This charging pad can charge three devices at once and there is no specific position necessary. Toss two iPhones and your AirPods Pro onto the pad and walk away without worrying about whether the charge will connect.

And that's the whole story here, really. Being able to throw something onto a wireless charger and have it charge regardless of whether it's in the sweet spot or not. Because with the Base Station Pro doesn't have one!

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