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What you need to know

  • Note-taking app Bear has been updated to version 1.7.15.
  • The update adds support for linking to specific areas of notes from within other notes.
  • It also includes new themes and more.

Popular note-taking app Bear has been updated to include a raft of new features, but the biggest of them is undoubtedly improved linking between notes. The new wiki links could be a game-changer for those who want to be able to connect notes together in very specific ways.

Bear has long been great at letting users link from one note to another, but with this latest update they can link to specific headers within a note for the first time, too.

For a while now, Bear has supported linking notes together. With a simple [[, you can type to search for the name of a note, then press Return to create a link.

Now, once you find a note to link, press / (forward slash) instead of Return to link to a header within that note. It even works for linking to headers within the current note. While we are working on an actual ToC (table of contents) feature, this should hold you over for now. See it in action below

There's more going on in this update as well. Users can now export multiple notes that are linked to each other as actual HTML files, complete with hyperlinks and whatnot. Fancy, right? Images can be embedded into HTML exports, too.

On the theming side of things, Bear has now added two new ones with Olive Dunk and D.Boring, both of which are simple and much more toned down than some of the other themes on offer.

Bear Olive Dunk D.boring ThemesSource: Bear

You can see the full rundown of what's gone into this new update across multiple platforms over in the announcement blog post right now, too. You can download Bear from the App Store for free with in-app purchases available for monthly and annual subscriptions.

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