Are you tired of hearing about whether or not we'll get actual, real, turn-by-turn GPS on the iPhone yet? You shouldn't be, because it's a killer feature that a lot of other smartphone platforms are justifiably proud of and the iPhone needs to get it, Apple's crazy rules be damned. At least, that's what we tell ourselves when we cover all this TomTom news, from "It's coming to iPhone" to "It's not coming."

The latest? Despite what you may have heard (ahem), TomTom is working on a client and has one in-house that works "pretty well" according to MacGeneration (via AppleInsider). So says TomTom press chief Yann Lafargue, who adds that as for whether or not the darn thing will ever ship, TomTom can't really say.

We know that Apple's SDK agreement prohibits it (probably so Apple can't get sued when you follow your GPS directions into a lake), but we're willing to sign away our firstborn rights to sue for this, okay Apple? Can't you guys make nice?