Only one in ten iPhone customers plan to upgrade to the iPhone 13

Iphone 13 Render Camera Closup
Iphone 13 Render Camera Closup (Image credit: Concept Creator)

What you need to know

  • Only one in ten iPhone customers plan to upgrade to the iPhone 13 at launch.
  • Customers say the most enticing features would be satellite communication, camera upgrades, and better battery life.

Only one in ten iPhone customers plan to upgrade to the iPhone 13 when it launches later this month.

In a new survey conducted by with 1500 consumers, only ten percent of current iPhone customers said that they plan to upgrade to an iPhone 13 model when it launches this September. While this sounds like a potential problem, the outlet estimates that Apple could sell upwards of 42 million phones if some who are on the fence decide to upgrade.

Just one in 10 iPhone users in our survey said they planned to upgrade to the newest iPhone when it's released, while 26 percent said they weren't sure yet. Nearly 2 in 3 said they wouldn't be changing out their current phone for the latest model.Still, with an estimated 116 million iPhone users in the United States, that could equate to almost 12 million surefire sales if the phone launches, and another 30 million if undecided users end up making the switch.

Customers said that certain features could convince them to upgrade, including satellite communication, camera upgrades, and better battery life.

Low earth orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity is a technology that allows smartphone users to make calls and send texts while out of cell tower range. LEO technology is perhaps the splashiest rumored new feature of the iPhone 13, and it's the most popular rumored upgrade among current iPhone users planning to buy the new model when it comes out.Twenty-seven percent of people who said they would buy the iPhone 13 said satellite connectivity was the single rumored feature that appealed most to them, followed by 22 percent who are most looking forward to camera improvements. Some leaks have indicated that various models across the iPhone 13 line would feature improved camera depth perception capabilities, portrait mode video, and ultra-wide lenses.

Despite satellite communication being the number one reason people would upgrade, a recent report from Bloomberg says that the technology would not debut with the iPhone 13. The other features, like camera and battery upgrades, do seem more likely.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 13 at its 'California Streaming' event on Tuesday, September 14. The company is also rumored to reveal the Apple Watch Series 7, the 3rd generation of AirPods, and the 9th generation iPad.

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