Twitterrific was the first Twitter client for Mac — for anything. It gave us the bird icon and much of the early culture surrounding Twitter, especially in the Apple community. It gave us a start.

And now Twitteriffic for Mac wants to give us a re-start. But it needs a little help. From the brand-new Kickstarter:

This project is to fund a reboot of Twitterrific for Mac (codename: Phoenix) and let Ollie the Twitterrific bird emerge from the ashes of his former self. The plan is to build a minimal product within 6 or 7 months that includes the following functionality:

  • Unified home timeline
  • Multiple account support
  • Composing, replying, and quoting tweets
  • Muffles and mutes
  • Streaming
  • Themes
  • Delete and edit your own tweets
  • Sync timeline position with iOS
  • VoiceOver Accessibility
  • Keyboard control
  • Attaching images to tweets
  • Timeline search (text filter/find)
  • Open links to other tweets, profiles and media in your browser

Building software takes time. Some of Twitterrific's functionality on iOS can be shared with this new Mac app, but even though that will save us some effort, creating a new app from scratch is not a simple process. In the long run, we'd like to bring Twitterrific for Mac to feature-parity with the iOS app, but before that can happen we need a solid foundation to build upon.

More features are planned for updates as well, if they beat their goal and make it into the stretches.

You can get in on the ground floor for just $15, which includes a copy of the final release, currently scheduled for August 2017. Pledges top out at $1000, which includes hand painted art from the legendary David Lanham, your name in the credits, and more. (No word yet on what a dance with Hockenberry at WWDC will cost you...)

The Iconfactory are literally icons of our industry. They've made visual interface elements for some of the biggest operating systems and social networks on the planet and icons for many of the apps you use every day. Twitterrific always came off as a labor of love.

Its birth helped shape the Apple social culture. What could its rebirth do?

Pledge and find out!