Orbit partners with Flume to bring the smartest tech to your yard

B-hyve XR
B-hyve XR (Image credit: Orbit)

What you need to know

  • Orbit and Flume announced a strategic partnership
  • Orbit launched the B-hyve sprinkler timer and B-hyve flood monitor
  • Both products available late Q1 or early Q2

Watering your yard or garden is necessary if you want to keep your plants alive, but with weather being so unpredictable, sometimes you water your garden and then it rains later that day. Orbit wants to make sure that doesn't happen, with the B-hyve XR and B-hyve smart flood sensor.

B-hyve XR

The B-hyve XR is a sprinkler timer that uses to B-hyve's WeatherSense technology that delivers the exact amount of water your plants need based on a user's yard profile and real-time weather conditions. If it's going to rain in your area, B-hyve will know not to turn on the sprinklers, thus saving you water. Alternatively, if dry weather is coming, the B-hyve XR will make sure everything is watered accordingly.

The new B-hyve XR will also support both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi bands, meaning you won't have to go through any complicated setup process with a router.

Available late Q1, the new B-hyve XR will support 8- and 16-zone models and cost $149 and $179, respectively.

B-hyve smart flood sensor

Whether it's because of a leak in your home's water system or do from intense rainstorms the new B-hyve smart flood sensor can help detect flooding in and around your home quickly. The smart flood sensor can link up with the B-hyve XR to ensure you stop watering your yard while flooding is detected, plus it has a few other handy features:

  • Audible in-app alerts: Connects to Wi-Fi allowing homeowners to be notified of leaks, flooding and freezing temperatures from anywhere on their phones.
  • Smart Technology: Real-time cloud communication for updated settings, temperature readings, disconnection warnings, etc.
  • Simple Tracking and Management: Through the app, users can easily manage their flood sensors by adding a picture and location to address any issues like a low battery.

Available starting early March 2020, Orbit will offer a starter pack that includes three Smart Flood Sensors and a hub at $99.

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