Apple Watch Series 7 PricingSource: Rene Ritchie

What you need to know

  • Apple Watch Series 7 went on sale today.
  • Anyone ordering a new watch on launch day could wait up to two months depending on the configuration.

Today is the day that Apple Watch Series 7 goes on sale and while those who were quick to get pre-orders in are now receiving their watches, those who have yet to place an order are going to be in for a wait. Depending on which configuration they choose, that wait could be as long as two months.

Checking the online Apple Store this morning shows that most watches won't be delivered for around five weeks, but some configurations are displaying delivery windows of six to eight weeks — almost long enough to forget you placed the order in the first place!

Apple Watch Series 7 Wait TimeSource: iMore

While potential buyers might have some luck walking into an Apple Store to pick up a new watch, people might struggle to reserve one online — at the time of writing, Apple Watch Series 7 was listed as unavailable for in-store collection.

The new wearable is of course the best Apple Watch ever made, but sights have already been set on next year's Apple Watch Series 8. It's hoped that will be the one that receives the big chassis redesign we were expecting this year — flat sides included.

Until then, anyone looking to bag themselves a new Apple Watch might have to wait for a — long — while or try their chances at a third-party retailer.

Happy hunting, folks!