The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is getting a patch to improve the visuals on October 21

The Outer Worlds image
The Outer Worlds image (Image credit: Private Division)

What you need to know

  • The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch runs at a very low resolution with blurry textures and missing effects.
  • The game is getting a patch on October 21 that is set to improve the visual quality in multiple ways.
  • More details are coming soon.

The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch isn't exactly the most pleasant experience. When our editor Carli Velocci took an in-depth look at the Nintendo Switch port, she found it had a low resolution, blurred textures and several visual effects were straight-up missing, especially when playing the game in handheld mode.

Fortunately, if you want to play this RPG from Obsidian Entertainment on the go, you'll soon find it to be an improved experience. The developers announced recently that a patch on October 21 will bring superior visuals to the game. You can see an example of the visual improvements being promised below.

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More details on what this patch will offer exactly are coming soon, so players can get a better idea of how it's been improved. The first DLC expansion, Peril on Gorgon, is coming to the Nintendo Switch port at a later date. The second DLC is called Murder on Eridanos and is coming at some point in 2021.

Both expansions are adding to the long list of science weapons and other unique gear players can find.

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