Owc Mercury Elite Pro DualSource: OWC

What you need to know

  • OWC just announced the Mercury Elite Pro Dual.
  • The enclosure can be packed with up to 32TB of storage.
  • It also has three USB 3.2 ports for connecting extra devices.

OWC today announced its latest storage enclosure, the Mercury Elite Dual. It's a relatively small box that can house up to 32TB of storage in a single enclosure while also offering three USB 3.2 ports for connectivity purposes. Two of those ports are USB-A, while the other us a USB-C port for more modern devices

Designed for use with just about anything, including an iPad Pro, this new bit of kit has the typical OWC aesthetic. But it's the capacity and speed that matters here.

High performance where it matters, the Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-Port Hub delivers over 1000MB/s (1GB/s) of real world1 data transfer speed. Now you can transfer the equivalent of an entire DVD in less than 5 seconds or transfer 1,000 photos in 2 seconds. Performance like this is great for backup, photography, audio, virtual machines, even video editing.

The rear-side hub offers three USB ports to connect high-speed storage with performance of up to 1250MB/s as well as keyboards, mice, phones, etc. In short, you can connect virtually any USB peripheral or device you have, and the Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-Port Hub supports it.

OWC says that this thing is "whisper-quiet" and you'll get the company's three-year warranty thrown in as well. There's even a year of Level 1 data recovery included, too.

The new Merciry Elite Pro Dual is available to order now and comes in various configurations, starting at $149 for the bare chassis.

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