Pad & Quill Journal Notebook review: Putting the 'pad' in Pad & Quill

I've written in the past about the follies of technology, and despite what I do for work, I absolutely love getting away from technology as much as possible. I took up reading again at the beginning of this year, stopped watching so much TV, and endeavored to use my phone less. When offered Pad & Quill's new Journal Notebook for review, I had to take it, because, while taking notes on a MacBook is simple and quick, there's something soul-nourishing about writing things down by hand.

At least I think so, and if you fall into the same camp, then you'll love the understated elegance of P&Q's journals.

Plain, but not plain

Despite their empty, gray covers, the Journal Notebooks are a perfect example of beauty in simplicity. There's nothing busy about these notebooks, and the accent of the black elastic closure is just enough to keep these interesting. Pick one up, and you'll instantly do what I did the first time: run your fingers over the textured linen, which gives the Journal Notebook a feeling much like a very old book in a used bookstore.

It's like one of those books that you buy just because it's gorgeous (I've been guilty of that a few times). On the back is Pad & Quill's logo very simply etched in silver, and that's it. Plain and simple, but not boring and lazy. You can also choose to add a monogram or other personalization for an additional $10.

The pages inside are thick, quality paper, and they're not pure, stark white, but slightly yellowed, again much like an old tome. There's a name and address page right at the front and then a table of contents, making these perfect for writing down thoughts for novels, notes for business, or simply daily journaling.

You have your choice of blank pages or dot graph paper, though a regular lined option would have been best for my liking. The white and orange bookmark offers a splash of P&Q colors, and it's a lovely, delicate accent.

You get 188 pages per hardcover (excluding table of contents, and name pages) Journal Notebook, and at $22, they're quite affordable for a journal of this quality, and I'd say more than worth it. For now gray is the only color, though I could foresee a navy blue or burgundy option making this line absolutely perfect.

Should you buy it? Definitely

If you're at all into journaling, looking for a sophisticated notebook for the office, or simply need a solid way to keep your notes and thoughts together, then the Journal Notebook from Pad & Quill is an excellent option. We could all use a little pen and paper time now and then.

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Mick Symons

Mick is a staff writer who's as frugal as they come, so he always does extensive research (much to the exhaustion of his wife) before making a purchase. If it's not worth the price, Mick ain't buying.