Pad & Quill Octavo Luxury for iPad and Little Luxury Book for iPhone reviews

Pad & Quill are purveyors of fine, Minnesotan, handcrafted iPhone and iPad cases, namely the Little Black Book, Contega, and Octavo. Last summer we took look at them for the iPhone 4, iPad 2, and MacBook Air, and last month we looked at the updated Contega for the new iPad. But that wasn't all P&Q had up their sleeves for 2012. Not content with their existing Baltic Birch and Spanish leather concoctions, they went back to the bindery and returned with something richer and even higher end -- the Little Luxury Book for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the Octavo Luxury for the new iPad.

The Little Luxury Book comes with all the usual, fantastic Little Black Book fit, finish, and features, only wrapped in thick, buttery mahogany brown or onyx black leather. If the original Little Black Book didn't look enough like a premium wallet to you, the Little Luxury Book certainly will (especially when you slip some money and/or credit and debit cards into the pocket).

The Octavo Luxury case likewise brings with it everything you know and love about the original Octovo, only now swathed in genuine leather the color of French roast. If the regular Octavo harkened back to an academic's moleskin, this one presents as an executive's journal or ledger.

The good

  • Everything that was good about the Little Black Book and original Octavo cases
  • High end, hand crafted, genuine leather

The bad

  • Book-style design won't be for everyone
  • Premium line will be for fewer still


The Pad & Quill Octavo Luxury case for iPad and Little Luxury Book for iPhone take high end, high quality accessories to the next level. If you're a fan of traditional, book-binding style iPad and iPhone cases, and you want the best, most premium finish possible, then you want these cases. But if that's what you want, you probably knew it already, right?

$119.99 - Octavo Luxury Case for iPad - Buy now

$59.99 - Little Luxury Book for iPhone - Buy now

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