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What you need to know

  • A report says that NSO Group is investigating claims of misuse of its Pegasus spyware.
  • It has also reportedly cut off access to the software for several government clients.
  • It has been alleged that the software was used to target journalists, activists, and politicians.

A new report says that NSO Group is investigating reports into alleged misuse of its Pegasus spyware and that it has cut off access to the service for several government clients.

From NPR:

Israeli spyware company NSO Group has temporarily blocked several government clients around the world from using its technology as the company investigates their possible misuse, a company employee told NPR on Thursday.

A report says the move has been made in response to allegations of misuse of the software, which was allegedly used to target journalists, activists, and government figures.

A source reportedly stated "there is an investigation into some clients. Some of those clients have been temporarily suspended."

It has separately been reported that Israeli authorities have inspected the offices of NSO Group in wake of the allegations.

The company has previously stated that it is not responsible for the actions of its clients, and that regular mobile device users who aren't criminals have nothing to fear from the software. However, the company has also noted that it can investigate claims of misuse and withhold access to its products if any breaches are found.

During the course of the story, it has been revealed that Pegasus was able to infiltrate an iPhone running iOS 14.6 using a zero-click flaw. Reports earlier this week suggested that this flaw may have been patched in iOS 14.7.1.