People across the world are lining up to buy Apple's iPhone 11

What you need to know

  • People around the world are waiting in line to buy Apple's iPhone 11.
  • It's become a time-honored tradition to wait in line for a big iPhone launch.
  • The iPhone 11 line and Apple Watch Series 5 officially launch on September 20.

Ahead of the iPhone 11's launch on September 20, people are lining up at Apple stores across the world. Here in the U.S., we still have about 18 hours to go before Apple's new devices go on sale, but people in Australia and New Zealand don't have to wait much longer.

Apple fans have posted pictures on Twitter showing the turnout at some Apple stores in Singapore, Japan, and even in Europe. Waiting in line the night before — sometimes several days before — has become a time-honored tradition for Apple fans, and it's no surprise people are turning out for the iPhone 11.

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Preorders are still available through Apple and carrier partners, but some shipping dates have slipped into October. That means if you want the iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB of storage in midnight green, your best bet might be to wait outside an Apple Store.

If you didn't score an early preorder and you're in the U.S., you might want to get to an Apple Store as soon as possible. Apparently, demand for Apple's new iPhone lineup is stronger than anticipated, so getting the exact model you want might be difficult right at launch.

Have you ever waited in line for an Apple launch? I know I have.

Brandon Russell