How To: Improve Photos on Your iPhone

There have been a lot of rumors lately about the next generation of iPhone hardware having a 3.2 megapixel camera, but right now we have to deal with what has been given to us: a decent 2 megapixel camera with zero features.

That brings us to a great post that we noticed today on, 22 Ways to Make Your iPhone a Better Camera. One of the most useful apps they list has to be Photogene (opens in new tab). [iTunes Link] This app allows you to:

  • Enhance photos with multiple color adjustment options and a sharpen filter.
  • Crop and straighten.
  • Add fun effects like text balloons, frames or special filters

Be sure to check out's article for a boatload of tips and apps to make the best with your iPhone's camera!

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  • Where's a good place to submit pictures i've shot with my original iPhone?