Photoshop for iPad update allows users to request features

Photoshop for iPad
Photoshop for iPad (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Adobe has issued an update for Photoshop for iPad.
  • Version 1.0.2 will allow users to provide reviews and feedback in-app, as well as request features.
  • The sign-up process has also been tweaked (again).

Adobe has issued an update for its Photoshop for iPad app. which will allow users to request features, as well as provide in-app feedback on their user experience.

Adobe released its Photoshop for iPad app earlier this month to much fanfare, however many users were left disappointed at what many felt was a lack of depth in comparison to its desktop counterpart. Adobe's Chief Product Officer was quick to defend the release, and earlier this week Adobe confirmed some of the new features in the pipeline for the app, including subject select and brush sensitivity.

Those features aren't due until later this year and into 2020. However, Adobe's most recent update should give users a good deal more say in the direction the app takes. According to the release notes for version 1.0.2:

Your feedback and evaluation of Photoshop is important to us! We've implemented an in-app review for you to provide feature requests and immediate feedback to us on your experience.

This seems to suggest that users of the app will be able to provide feature requests and give feedback on their user experience. The release notes also state that Adobe has updated the sign-up process, which should make it easier for new users to try the app, as well as signing in as an existing user. Those who have downloaded the app may have noticed problems with this feature, it was also tweaked in the app's first update, version 1.0.1, and seems to be an ongoing issue.

Adobe has repeatedly highlighted the importance of user feedback as a part of the update process. Despite some protests, Adobe has highlighted that trying to port a fully decked-out "desktop port" of Photoshop to iPad would've probably been a disaster. Instead, Adobe has chosen to start with the app's core features, building it from the ground up to provide the best possible user experience. You can find out how successful we thought they were by reading our review!

Photoshop for iPad is available to download on iPadOS now.

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