Pixel, iPhone 7, and grading on a curve

The popular press has a weird relationship with Apple. They tend to be massive users of Apple's products, even as they take any excuse, real or imagined, to stick Apple in doomsday headlines. It makes sense — Apple has terrifically usable products, and those headlines garner huge amounts of negative attention. As long as you're willing to swallow the contradiction, it's win/win. Well, for everyone but readers and consumers. And never has that been clearer than with the Google Pixel.

Last year Apple launched iPhone 6s which, despite being completely rebuilt from 7000 series aluminum, got dinged for being the same old design, with the same old "ugly" antenna lines on the back. Some competitors had been shipping features like stereo speakers and water resistance, and Apple, apparently, couldn't even fit optical image stabilization (OIS) into the regular-sized iPhone 6s. Also: Expensive! And don't even get them started about those big-forehead-and-chin bezels!

Some of this year's criticism was even worse, with Apple adding stereo speakers, water resistance, and optical image stabilization to the regular-sized iPhone 7, but daring to keep the same design, at the same starting price, and with the same still not-deleted bezels.

Then Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL.

They were segmented like iPhones, priced like iPhones, and they even looked like iPhones — roughly the same shape, with the same "ugly" antenna lines, and the same big-chin-and-forehead bezels. (Despite not having a Home button on the bottom front.)

Google made a point of how they controlled the hardware this time, from design to features. Google could have made the Pixel look like anything — like a Galaxy S7 Edge, like an LG G5, like a Moto X, or like something completely new and refreshing. Google carefully, deliberately, chose to make it look like an iPhone 6s, though. And that means they get to own that choice. As do we.

So, everyone who'd been criticizing Apple and iPhone design immediately called Google out for aping it?

Not so much.

Well, at least they called Google and Pixel out for the same things they called Apple and iPhone out for?

Again, not so much.

Surely they drew the line at Google's 2016 flagship missing optical image stabilization — not just in the regular-size, but in the Plus XL model as well — stereo speakers, and water resistance — things that were pointed to last year as indicators Apple was falling behind?

Turns out, not deal-breakers either.

It's almost like the Pixel is being graded on a curve. And that's terrible for consumers. "You slagged iPhone for XYZ, but now that Google has XYZ, but is missing ABC, it's the greatest thing ever? Um…. close browser, delete bookmark!"

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Don't get me wrong: I love that Google is getting serious about phones. I even ordered a Pixel XL, just like I ordered a Nexus One, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5. I'm just not sure copying Apple in 2016 will be any better a strategy than copying BlackBerry or Windows Mobile would have been in 2006.

Especially not for the company who spent so much time and effort positioning Android as "be together, not the same". (A line Google's device partners must be reading between clenched teeth as of late.)

And no, sadly, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI )Assistant, when it requires ongoing payment in the form of exorbitant quantities of personal data above and beyond the already premium price of the phone itself, isn't enough to give everything else a pass.

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But none of that is the point. Google's smart. They were smart enough then to react faster to iPhone than any other competitor, and they're smart enough now to react to Samsung.

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As a designer, I'd prefer to see more differentiation in the market, and my eyes do bleed more than a little at seeing iPhone 4, 5, and 6 cues piled all on top of each other, but none of that is the point either.

I'm fine with Apple continuing to use rounded rectangles because my hand continues to be hand-shaped, and if Google wants to go with convention rather then challenge it, I'm fine with that too. Hell, I agree with my colleague, Serenity Caldwell, Google's even added several features Apple should strongly consider matching as well, especially "unlimited" photo storage.

Design is also freaking hard. It's all about compromise. It took Apple until this year to have the design they wanted along with water resistance, OIS on the regular-sized model, stereo speakers, minimized antenna lines, etc. Matching that, straight out of the gate, would be nearly miraculous.

I even get the reception we're seeing. After years in the Google desert, we're finally being thrown a cracker, and so we're so hungry for it, we're telling ourselves it tastes like a Ritz. Meanwhile, we're taking Apple's year-over-year crackers for granted, and looking at them like they're just regular old saltines. The human brain is a real jerk that way. It only takes perspective when you force it to.

But that's the job, and grading Pixel on a curve doesn't help anybody, even and especially Google.

So here's my advice: If you want an iPhone, accept no substitutes and get an iPhone 7. Making something that looks like an iPhone is easy, building out Apple's support infrastructure — including all the Apple Stores you can go to and AppleCare reps you can call when you have a problem — is impossible short-term. If you really want an Android phone, though, especially if you don't want one made by Samsung, and you're okay without OIS, water-resistance, and stereo speakers, and with Google data-harvesting, get a Pixel and enjoy.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • So.... the pixel is getting a ton of flack from the android community yet you make it seem that this phone is getting a pass somehow? What lens are you looking through? Any android forum shows that the typical android user thinks this phone is a ripoff and is not feature friendly like the other OEM offerings. Not to mention the tongue in cheek reviewers who DO call out google on their design choices on the pixel. On a side note, when are you going to have Ren review the pixel on iMore? You had Bader do a review of the iphone 7 on AC. You say you "love all your children equally". When is the review coming?
  • I would love to review the Pixel on iMore! Unfortunately, as with the AC review of the iPhone, we're not top priority for pre-release Pixel units. :) I'm hoping to do a similar thing to the AC iPhone review with Rene as soon as I can get my hands on a Pixel.
  • Now that's what I'm talking about. Can't wait. Kudos Ren!!
  • I doubt you could do a fair honest review like android central did with the iPhone. Hope to be proved wrong.
  • What makes you doubt this?
  • Previous history Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • "Previous history" - I see this argument a lot from people on this site. But nothing I have ever read showed any examples. I have seen people who claim iMore only praises Apple provided with link after link of contradictory evidence, but the "perception" still holds true. Also, there is a bit of Catch-22. Apple happens to make top notch products. So if reviewers like them, they are somehow "biased" - Oh well, can't please everyone
  • Here is some evidence. This piece highlights flaws with the pixel, that weren't mentioned in the review for the 6s on imore. The 'grading on a curve' seems to be going the other way.
  • So was are the 6s and 6s+ not top notch products? They lack waterproofing, tereo and ois(6s)? These design choices aren't deal breakers for me. I agree with other readers that, were you to take a closer look at reviews, most make an iPhone reference when it comes to the front. Rectangle screens with speakers and sensors are what they are, why try and differentiate? Wait, no home button...there you have it. Google isn't getting graded on a curve here. There are many critics if what Google has done here, but the amount of people that use Android in the world vs iOS is staggering. So of course you will see more welcoming, glowing and positive reviews. Less than 20% of the world use iOS and iPhone, 85% of the world uses Android, numbers alone dictate the amount of positive reviews. Factor in the prominent Google branding and that is a lot of interested eyeballs. The curve is in those numbers, not reviewers giving it a pass.
  • Rene Ritchie's unbridled bias makes people doubt this. Read the comments on many of his articles, and it's clear people think he's a lying fanboy.
  • What some people think and what he actually is are two very different things
  • When he posts articles like this there are a lot more comments that disagree with him that support him. He goes out of his way to write these articles. It boggles my mind why anyone would defend him. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I dont think he is being bias, he is being right on this one, if Apple wouldve come out with no water resistant and no OIS oh boy! Heil would have broken loose
  • Not true, iphone 6 came out without water resistance or ois yet still got very high scores across the board when other older devices have had both for a while. Just because the iphone 7 has these features now all of a sudden the pixel should get dinged for it?!? Hypocrisy at it's best.
  • They didn't come out with those things last year and did **** break out? No. Apple sites like this one were only talking about how amazing it was, especially if you weren't coming from the iPhone released the year before. But if you had the slightest bit of sense you'd realise that argument cannot be made for the pixel which is the first of it's kind. If you ignore the comparisons with the iPhone 6, there was basically nothing bad said about the 6s on this fanboy site.
  • Probably you should buy one... I own both iPhone and Android, can provide balanced opinion unlike many people on this site. Sent from the iMore App
  • This Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • The EIS and speed of the phone is pretty good and the phone is water resistant for the casual spill or drop. Someone left their phone in a tub of water for half an hour and it was perfectly fine.
  • It's more the reviews; not the general Android forum users that this article is targeting Sent from the iMore App
  • Although Rene doesn't need an advocate, he surely meant number of positive reviews that Pixel got from "mainstream" publications, print or web (with a glorious exception of the NYT's Brian X. Chen).
  • It's not flack from the "android community" he's talking about. The iPhone gets plenty of praise and flack from its own community as well. He's referring to professional media. If you've got a few links to professional writers calling out the Pixel on these same issues, share them and that would render Renee's point mute.
  • Why do you make grading on a curve a bad thing. It's Google's first phone they designed. I could swear Apple first phone couldn't record video or have flash on the camera. While the first iPhone should have had it. It was graded on a curve because it was special in a way. The pixel is graded on a curve because if you like Android than this is as good as it gets even without ois and waterproof and whatever else. It's not just another Android phone. Google isn't new to the game so they do deserve some criticism. But I wouldn't say you should compare them to apple after there 7th phone or whatever
  • Here's a fair assessment:
    1. Every review I've read has called out Google for lack of water resistance. It's not acceptable
    2. Video stabilisation in the Pixel is way better than whatever Apple had in the 6s. This was not a fair comparison. Google did a good thing here, and no camera hump. The writer completely ignores this.
    3. I won't defend the lack of stereo speakers. Fair point.
    4. Familiar design. Fair point. I think the thing that makes the Pixel so good is how well the package all fits together. It offers so many other things that the iPhone (even 7) does not offer. Better Assistant; better battery life on the XL, full unlimited storage; Whilst matching the 7 in responsiveness, camera quality (sometimes beating it), overall build quality. So yeah, hardly a 2015 product.
  • My first time posting here, btw. Also, this article has a very clear undertone of presenting the iPhone as the one and only. Hardly objective.
  • That's Rene for you, he very rarely criticises Apple if ever and can't seem to cope that there are other phones out. Android central reviewed the iPhone and gave it a fair and honest review (yes it's a great phone) but doubt very much Rene could give any phone other than the iPhone a fair balanced review.
  • Rene is objective, I don't see how this isn't
  • Rene? Objetive? LMAO
  • The only person laughing is you, also learn to spell.
  • Grammar police? That's all you have? Rather childish. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Adults can spell, children cannot
  • I'm laughing too, I don't know how you end up with that opinion. but definitely there are many people don't agree to it :D
  • Any many people that do agree to it too
  • DannyJJK either knows Rene Ritchie personally, and that's why they are acting as his personal cheerleader, or it IS Rene posting under another username. Having read crackberry.com, androidcentral.com, and imore since it was tipb...Rene is the worst writer of the bunch. He's the least objective, the most biased, and the biggest fanboy.
  • Or maybe iMore just has the most negative people leaving comments…
  • That's such a silly assertion. There just happens to be more negative people on iMore? What do you have to back that up? Why would that be the case? Do you have any explanation?
  • What do I have to back that up? You're looking at iMore's comments right now, you can see it for yourself
  • So... why are you here? I don't read sites that I don't trust. If you don't trust iMore... leave. Find sites that you do trust and that give you news and reviews that you like. But the constant Rene bashing, especially from biased Android folks, is childish. Man the F up and, if you don't like something, don't read it.
  • Look don't blame me because Rene is a hack and a fanboy. Just because I think his biased articles are rubbish does not mean I think that of the rest of the writers for this site. So I will keep coming and reading what I want to read and if I want to get some extra comedy in my day, I will read the trash that Rene writes so that I can have a good laugh.
  • He's objective, no matter how much you hate him
  • Gotta say I disagree. I listen to the podcast and check the site and I hear Rene criticize Apple when they deserve it. Just because he believes different things are important than you do doesn't mean he's a blind Apple fan boy.
  • +1
  • I listen to macbreak weekly and he defends apple a lot, if there is a problem he will explain it away but if someone like Samsung did the same thing then he won't explain that away.. One example the holes on a Samsung phone don't line up so that's bad design yet the holes on the Apple watch series 2 opposite the crown don't line up but that will be explained away or ingored.
  • Good thing to point out, I had never notice that the crown on Apple Watch dosn't line up at the centre, but I also never notice the HOLE doesn't line up on the Galaxy S6 (and I am using 1!) until I saw Rene post here. You know there is something fishy about it when you search that topic on internet and only iMore is complaining about it. It's blogger here are really picking some nonsense to whine about Samsung.
  • https://www.cnet.com/news/samsung-almost-fixes-a-small-design-problem-wi... http://www.redmondpie.com/heres-why-samsung-design-absolutely-sucks-photos/ http://www.iphonehacks.com/2016/02/samsung-still-cant-match-apples-atten... Only iMore you say?
  • You do realized that 2 out of the 3 url there is referencing iMore right? Okay, to give you the credit for your hard work to find the similar article. CNet did complaint about the alignment almost a year later (Feb 2016). Happy?
  • They are referencing iMore, but they still chose to mention it which means they thought it was worth mentioning and being talked about outside of iMore. And yes, happy :)
  • Oh cmon.... Samsung is a joke of a company as far as mobile phones are concerned....
  • Right. They sell billions of phones but they are a joke. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I certainly wouldn't go that far. Currently they have some of the best phone hardware design around, well for the ones that don't explode ;). Their software still kind of sucks though, a Pixel phone with Samsung instead of HTC would be sublime.
  • Samsung TouchWiz is far from sucks IMO, I'm using a Galaxy S6 for more then 1 year, it is still very snappy for most of the time. Of course they do have time that the phone is noticeably slow down for a while (even my iPad mini 4 also slow down sometimes!). But with Google Pixel setting a new UX benchmark on Android platform. I hope other Android OEM would pick up on that area in the near future.
  • Samsung TouchWiz might be faster now (it certainly didn't used to be), but it still uses up a lot of space on the device. Compare the Google devices and how much space they have free before installing anything to Samsung devices, it's like Windows laptop bloatware all over again
  • Touchwiz isn't that bad anymore, although I saw no reasons for it to exist anymore as I think the Google Launcher is better. There is more than Touchwiz though: there is their clones of all the basic stuff (calendar, calculator, etc...), there is their app store, their lock screen, contacts, and probably more I'm forgetting about. Each individual app is fine (well their app store kind of sucks) but taken all together it definitely made the overall phone experience worse. What was especially annoying was not being able to get all the default Google apps (like the dialer) installed, but also being stuck with things like the settings pane and the lock screen unless I rooted. All that taken together is why I said it kind of sucks.
  • This post from Rene has nothing to do the iPhone and everything to do with the hypocrisy of the mainstream tech media. Rene is unique in that he doesn't criticize products or companies without attaining complete knowledge of why decisions were made. He understands science and the laws of physics and has realistic expectations of new products. He's also unique in that he isn't afraid to call out his peers for grading on a curve iPhone competing products. Mainstream media is so desperate for an iPhone killer they will go to great lengths to create a narrative around competing products. I say bravo. It's refreshing.
  • What you smoking ? Cause you should stop, can't be good for your health.
  • Apparently neither you nor Rene has actually read any reviews of the Pixel phones. Sent from the iMore App
  • Seen some video review yes but not read the reviews yet, I still need to make up my mind about the pixel. I will do what I did with the iphone 7 read some reviews and watch alot of decent youtube reviews then make up my mind.
  • Maybe because iPhone actually IS the one and only...
  • Lmao Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • No camera bump because the entire phone gets thicker at the top. It is a wedge.
  • It isn't that thick though. We don't need phones to be paper thin. Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • A whole millimeter. I mean seriously that's HUGE! /s Sent from the iMore App
  • But at least Pixel phone doesn't give you that irritating wobble effect when using your phone on a table (or flat surface)
  • I've never had this problem with an iPhone
  • It was more apparent with the larger camera bump of the 6/S than it is with the 7, but it's definitely there.
  • Fair enough, I guess it's more irritating to some than others
  • B
  • How is the XL's battery better then the iphone 7+'s battery? No camera hump because it's thicker at the top so technically the whole top of the phone is a hump. Full unlimited storage? It's of just your photos and not storage on the device itself, you get the same 32 or 128gb options(noticed how apples was stupid to skip 64gb as an option but...) So the build of not hiding the antenna is matching the build of hiding it? Comparing the video stabilization to last year's phone and saying its better means what? And yea no waterproofing or stereo speakers does put it in a 2015 product category.
  • To be fair up until last month only Samsung and Sony had water resistant phones. Apple then launched the iPhone 7 which was water resistant, but no one can honestly expect that Google could have changed their plan and quickly make the Pixel water resistant because by that point it was already all complete.
  • I'm confused it sounds like the pixel XL is a fair copy of the iPhone glad I stuck with the iPhone was debating waiting but just got iPhone 7 Plus and very impressed Sent from the iMore App
  • It is a copy. It's an iPhone running android with iOS smoothness and more capability. Basically, it's a better "iPhone". Rene seems to take issue with this.
  • Let's see if they can sell them like an iPhone or support it like an iPhone. Then we can call it a better iPhone. I wanted to get one but if you're offering me an iphone clone running Android, I'll just stick to the original.
  • You forgot to mention it only works on Verizon. Idk how many countries at launch, or near future. I assume very few. Compare to iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Only works on Verizon??? Huh? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • It works on all US phone carriers. Verizon will be the only carrier selling the phone but until they ran out they were sold on store.google.com where you could be the phone with 0 % fin for 24 months. These phones are not locked and again works on all carriers. So yes it works on Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
  • To quote an earlier comment.. "Is there any air in that bubble?". Seriously though, how do people feel confident to comment without actually reading about what they're commenting about? Ignorance must be nice.
  • The Pixel looks like an iPhone 6 which looks like HTC One M8 who also happens to be the company that makes the Pixel. Circle of life
  • Yea, cherry picked biased view points from Rene, as usual. Go to ANY Android Forum and you'll see endless number of threads blasting Google for Pixel. Almost everyone is criticizing it for one or the other feature omissions. Of course there are some fanboys who are guilty of the 2015 - 2016 thingy mentioned in that tweet and that irritates me too. I despise blind devotion. We had seen the same thing happen during Nexus 6P launch too. Before 6P, everyone was saying Snapdragon 810 heats up and throttles, but as soon as 6P came with it, several people were fine with it. That's what fanboys do. Rene should know. He's one, of iPhone.
  • Rene isn't a fanboy, he's objective, but yes he does have a love for the iPhone and maybe that comes out in his writing, but that doesn't mean he won't point out flaws in the iPhone itself
  • If Rene isn't a fanboy and he's objective then I am Batman, now where do I leave the keys to the batmobile?
  • Good thing you're not Batman then
  • I'm Batman :-B
  • Have to agree with the article. Its a joke what google did, given what Nexus was before and a review is in order but i can't really hope for anything refreshing, innovative or new for that matter. Its a top spec camera, a "decent" battery, not dictated by the MaH size as we all know that size doesn't mean squat with Android. A somewhat refreshed UI, that some may or may not like. In short, nothing new, just a "new" phone for a really high price. Its my opinion that the value of the 6p is much greater.
  • Before blasting Rene as usual, remember he is reporting for a site that promotes  goods and services and his opinions are his and reports them freely. Mentioned earlier in the comments, Serenity along with Rene would like to conduct a fair review of the Pixel line on their site. People should not be so quick to judge and dismiss an opinion that does not agree with their thinking. I believe Serenity would do an excellent review of the Pixel as Alex Dobie of A/C did with the iPhone 7. I would like to also see what Rene has to say about overall user experience as well. Sent from the iMore App
  • Normally I have seen AC editors more fair to other platforms than the iMore ones. For some reason iMore editors get very defensive every time a great device on other platform releases. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've not seen this personally. iMore editors do write about flaws with the iPhone as well
  • I've not seen this personally
  • The inaccuracy is only in the vast generalization he makes. Many of them are fanboys/fangirls, which is to be expected, but in particular Rene and the guy from Apple tend to be 3D printers of excuses, attack posts, and cry posts about criticisms against apple products and praise for competing products.
  • Rene looks pretty upset? Every review I have read called out it looks like an iPhone, had no water resistance, expensive etc. On OIS? It would have been big deal if pixel didn't take great pictures at low light. But they have some super sauce and photos look amazing in all lighting conditions. Not sure why you are so salty? iPhones aren't going to go away anytime soon so it's fine if we get some other good products and people have choices. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yep. The AC community was vocal about the huge bezels and other shortfalls. Rene is cherry picking the minority for his own fiction. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I like Android, but I wouldn't buy any other android phone apart from the pixel. Why? Security Updates. I don't care for the AI crap that doesn't work 1/2 the time, plus I have the Echo anyway. I prepare Google Movies and Amazon Prime for my Music Discovery/Movies/TV. I also like to own my music so use Google Music for my purchases. Reason why I use Amazon Prime/Google Music/Movies is its not tied into one device. An Apple TV can pay the google movies through Youtube (I have 2 of them and a Amazon Fire TV Stick), Music can be on all my mobile devices and PC, plus you can upload 25k of songs for free to Google Music, which you cant with Amazon Music or Apple Music without paying. But I use the iPhone/iPad combo. Why? Simple they work well together. The main thing I wanted to do was make phone calls and send SMS from a tablet. Android doesn't do that, iOS does. Apples strength is the devices work well together. The next computer I will get will be a Mac. Also all my devices are up to date with Apple Software, and in the iPhone SE, i have a top notch 4" phone that i can easily go running and MTB with that's not like a brick on my arm. Sent from the iMore App
  • You've never used Google Hangouts? The Google app that allows you to send messages and make calls?
  • (I'm not the OP, nor have I had an android as my full-time cell phone)
    I've never looked into it: Can Hangouts send SMS using the same cell # from all devices or is it username based? & synchronize conversations? Sent from the iMore App
  • Google gives every email account a Google hangouts phone number they can use. So yeah, it's based on your gmail information and it's the same number across all devises. It's cross platform so it'll work on ios, Android, or windows computer
  • Albeit there's no actual proper app for Windows/macOS. There's the website, and there's the Chrome "app" where app is used in the loosest of terms, as it requires running the browser and is basically just a website wrapped in a window, which closes as soon as you close Google Chrome. Apparently Google is retiring Chrome apps, thankfully
  • This is a good fair review. Yes, by noted Apple fans.. but still fair. I'm seeing lots of raves around the Pixel. I'm tempted to get one myself.. and would, if every time I got an Android phone it didn't end up sitting on a shelf somewhere. (the software is just not appealing to me at all even when I force myself to use it) I think its an exciting device. Apple will only get better with good competition. I do believe it would not review or sell as well if it didn't look like an iPhone. They no doubt did that on purpose. I do hope Apple picks up on better AI and the free storage, aside from that I have no reason to consider a different phone. As for cameras, perhaps my #1 use for a phone, I believe firmly the 7 plus beats the rest but the pixel looks like a very very close 2nd, even above the regular 7. Hopefully that gets Apple on task for the next iPhone - as long as they all keep leap-frogging each other we all win!
  • S7 is still a top of the list, sorry
  • I'm the one that should be sorry if you actually own a Samsung phone. I feel for ya man.. so sorry.
  • Why need to feel sorry for owning a Samsung phone? in fact why feel sorry for owning a phone? They are just a phone.
  • Rene seems to take this stand anytime any Android device gets more attenetion and admiration than his beloved Apple device. Kind of like the kid in a big family that gets mad when the other kids get attention. Lets step back a be rational and not emotional. The phone being the most "personal" of products it's easy to get tribal. So here we go. 1. Design of the phone. (looks familiar)
    Yes it resembles an iphone. Could Google have spent the last 12 to 14 months designing a one of kind device? Yes. Should they have for their first phone designed from the ground up? I'd say no. Google gets beat over the head by Rene and others for not being "focused." So being focused would you spend 12 to 14 months on software and hardware integration between Google Assistant, the camera, and the overall customer interaction or focused on hardware. In the end we know the facts. Google made an awesome phone without the phone design being great. Why? Because Google focused on what really matters. The software integration with the hardware. If Google would have made a design like the note 7 which is the best looking phone but didn't bring the software integration that was done on this first phone it would be ridiculed by Walt Mossberg and everyone else. Focus, Focus, Focus. Rene, why aren't you celebrated Googles focus here? Makes we wonder if you need to take a step back and really think what in possible in a 12 to 14 month cycle. Did you want hardware or software to be focused on? As you have said many times in may places that it takes time to engineer these phones and you don''t have time to put the world in a phone in 12 to 14 months. Please tell me where they should have focused?
  • Man you fanboys really have to work hard to take an Apple lover down but still don't get it. You do realize nobody is going to make it base "Rene seems to take the...." Nice attempt though.
  • "2015: 'Familiar' design, high price, and lack of OIS, stereo speakers, and water resistance were problems. 2016: All fine! Take my data!"
    Without even looking at the rest, I said "Yep, this has to be a Rene article for sure".
  • As if Apple doesn't take their data. Well, maybe in their alternate universe they do believe that.
  • yes they do take data what about advertising in the app store? now when someone gives money to apple they are on top of the search results.
  • That's retarded. Apple clearly isn't monetizing the data. Yet, this is the entire purpose of Android. And to top that off, Android is little more than an iPhone knock if to this day. The things that Fandroid clowns think Apple took from Android are either useless or just obvious. As if, because Android ripped of iPhone and had to make it bigger to cover the ginormous battery, now Apple is "copying" to make a larger model? No one has yet come up with a better paradigm than iPhone, and when that does come out, it'll have an Apple logo or it will make history.
  • I think its simply "to each their own". I had one of the first Android smartphones T-Mobile offered back in the day. I have gone between Android and iPhone a number of times over the years. I finally settled on iPhone when the iPhone 5s came out. Both platforms, Android and iOS, have their high and low points... same with the hardware. Their is absolutely nothing wrong with the Samsung Galaxy s7... its a great phone... and has a terrific camera. I happen to like my iPhone 7 and it too has a great camera. Do I care which one is best... no, not really. I'm not sure 99% of those using smartphones care either. The Pixel seem like an excellent piece of kit (sans that funky piece of glass on the back), and would seem to, in general terms, match up with most high end phones in today's market. Is the iPhone 7+ better... who knows and who really cares. As long as the end user likes what he or she is using... that is what counts. End of my rant!!
  • Seems to me Rene is referring to the tech press not user comments. My twitter feed is full of tech writers giving glowing reviews to this phone. And all the things that matter with iPhone seemingly don't matter here. But it's not surprising. The tech press loves Google. They already had their conclusions formed before they ever got their hands on this phone to review. The meme they set up is this is finally THE phone to challenge iPhone (as if all other Android phones cease to exist now) and the reviews are designed to fit that meme.
  • If only you actually read their review which points out everything Rene says. Looks like you, Rene and few others are hurt that some other phone especially one from Google is getting glowing reviews. iPhones are still safe for the foreseeable future so you guys can chill. Sent from the iMore App
  • Google have already tried hit Apple with Nexus devices for many years, Motorola aqusition, project Ara. Pixel doesn't have one single compelling advantage over android flagships from Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, One Plus, Asus etc...It looks like Google even didn't try to do any effort to bring something special to the table, anything that could make it interesting for an average consumer. What is an excuse for moving fingerprint scanner to the back and still leaving huge bezels on the front ?? it seems that they were so lazy designing this phone that putting such high price is insulting for the customers. On the other hand I'm not surprised by positive reviews of new Pixel, mainstream tech media for years have proved to have completely opposite preferences, taste and needs to average user.
  • That thing is an iPhone clone no fanboy here rock 2 phones iPhone 7 plus and Galaxy S 7 Edge Sent from the iMore App
  • HTC 'manufactures' the Pixel Apple copied HTC's design Google gets accused of copying ... Apple? because i guess it wouldn't make sense (or clicks) to accuse them of copying HTC.
  • Just so you know, HTC and Apple have a 10 year agreement ongoing... So "copied" might not exactly be the word to use. HTC as also made devices similar to the iPhone 5 design within this agreement. So it's more like a two-way street. (for all we know, Apple could be paying a royalty to HTC on regards to the design language of the current iPhones) As with the media/most everyone blaming Google of copying the iPhone instead of HTC... I guess sales figures discrepancy between the HTC models vs iPhones 6/6s/7 do somehow mater. But It’s mostly a mindshare thing I would wager. (and "clicks" as you say) ref. http://bgr.com/2013/01/02/htc-apple-patent-agreement-benefits-279408/
  • Apple asked HTC to sign the agreement AFTER HTC released the HTC One M7 before Apple released the iPhone 6 and its current design language. Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • By reading the title, I already knew this is Rene article. Posted via the iMore App from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • And that's how you know it's going to be a quality article. As usual, a negative comment from someone with:
    "Posted via the iMore App from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge"
  • Your definition of quality is purely your own. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • And others that share the same view, otherwise no one would read his articles…
  • A lot of people read them for comedy. Because it is hilarious to see the ridiculous things he writes. Serenity actually writes decent articles.
  • Exactly this Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Whatever you say…
  • Ditto Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Rene just stahp. The gPhones are constantly being pointed out for looking like an iPhone. And just stop apologizing for Siri being so crappy by pointing out that google collects your data. In order for any assistant to assist effectively it needs data. Even a human one would need to know a lot about you. You come off sounding like your **** hurts over the pixel. Just go enjoy your iPhones and be happy. Seriously, wtf? Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't think he's apologising for it, he's just explaining why it might not respond correctly all the time. Some people find Google's data collection a big issue, they collect a lot more than they need to, even for their assistant
  • The difference is you have control over data shared. Want iphone like restrictions then turn it all off. Want a fair trade off and balanced with some data sharing so be it. Want to go all in and share data, do it! That's the great thing about Android. The reason I won't use Apple as a daily driver is because it feels like my parents gave me my phone with parental restrictions turned on that I can't turn off. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Your data is a currency. You spend it and get things. Choose wisely. But don't complain when others choose differently. Rene chooses to complain.
  • "Some people find Google's data collection a big issue, they collect a lot more than they need to, even for their assistant" For the sake of argument. How do you quantify that Google collect more data than they need? For all you know Apple may be collecting data too, more than they need. They may not be telling you about it only. How apple run iAd without your data?
  • There's no doubt Apple collect data too, but it's never really been complained about. Try searching "Google data collection" and you'll see all the articles that come up of complaints about Google's data collection
  • My point is, this is just a talk of perception, because neither of us have the actual data to support the claim.
  • Google is selling the data, Apple is not. Try to pay attention. Google is a freaking advertising company first and foremost. It's almost all they do.
  • Google is not selling "the data." Companies like Google, Microsoft, and facebook do not sell their data. They sell as space and as targeting based on that data. That isn't remotely the same thing. The way people here shovel F.U.D. is absolutely on another level to any tech site I've ever seen. Except BGR.
  • I don't disagree with a single fact in this article but the Rene's weird devotion is off putting. I only use iOS mobile devices and haven't enjoyed the android phones I've used but I am capable of basic objectivity which seems to be lacking here.
  • I am dumb, I really am! (alot of people will agree with that!) I have done it again ! I have again seen a post from Rene that I got annoyed with but instead of just passing on and letting it go no I start to read the comments! And it gets worse! I start to reply to comments! I end up disagreeing with some commentators and tying to put over my point but I knowing deep down that I wont change anybody's mind nor will people agree with me.
    And yet I still do this! Will I never learn?
    Rene if I wore a hat I would take it off to you I really would! You are clever, you know how to get people commenting! I fall for this nearly everytime!
  • Yeah, he just has to write Rene Ritchie and a title. Then the same people come flocking into the comments to cry fanboy. Every. Single. Time. The same comments. Every Rene article. Every.
    Single. Time. Sent from the iMore App
  • Me included! Sigh. I should stick to saving Gotham city but can't find the keys to the batmobile.
  • Hey! I'm the real Batman. Posted via the BlackBerry PRIV®
  • Common theme is the poor excuse for an editor. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Wow, it got me too. I fall for this every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • Sounds to me that you troll every time.
  • +1
  • Probably the best comment you've written so far, clarifying that you are, in fact, dumb
  • Thanks :-D Glad you realised that :-D. But honestly Am I not allowed to disagree with Rene ? If disagreeing with someone is trolling then its a sad day. I am not slagging him off or insulting him he is a very clever guy who is passionate about apple and apple products. The trouble is the passion blinds him to other options and choices. Even other mobile nation editors \ writers have called him out on some of his articles!
    Am I an Android fan? Yes but guess what you can use both and enjoy them both! Amazing that!
    Anyway I will take my own advice and try to comment less on Rene articles.
  • Oh Rene. Choice is good. Competition is good. Blinders are not good. Sent from the iMore App
  • Listen everyone. If you saw the headline on here called " Google's new Pixel raises the bar and creates a top tier experience" would you think right of the bat that Rene wrote it? I sure don't. The current headline is link baity which pulls people to the site to argue it out which is goal 1 and goal 2 is Rene probably feels hurt that the Pixel is getting rave reviews. All I can say is if we are being fair and why should we be fair on the "internet" on an Apple fan site but this is the FIRST designed from ground up phone. Essentially HTC is making the first phone and as Samsung has been making water resistant phones for years almost no other companies have. Apple has been using Foxconn since day one. They have about 10 years working with Foxconn and had years to work with them on design which Google only has this last year. I'm sure Google has been working already on a new case design for their next pixel phone and demanding it be water resistant like Samsung and Apples model but being fair that is more important than what Google nailed in the just released Pixel which was software integration. I'm not saying the Pixel it the Best phone of the year. It's probably top 3. I'd say the note 7 and Iphone are top 2 even though Samsung had bad battery issues the note 7 is a one of kind phone. My wife still has hers and I couldn't get her to turn it off till the airplanes wouldn't allow you to use them. If my wife had to wait 2 more months to get a safe Note 7 she would. The things she did on that phone ran circles around anything I ever do on my phone. So instead of being so tribal lets just be happy that Google made a good phone which is raising the bar and will benefit you because Apple will get some and make the next iphone better than if Google had not made this phone.
  • I watched they keynote, what bar does the phone raise? Their services are still great, but nothing about that hardware is exponentially better than any other phone. I suppose this is your point but you did say it raised a bar.
    The point of the article was not, "you suck, I don't." It was drawing attention to the people who judge unfairly.
    It's a parent getting upset at the straight A kid for getting a B, then throws a party for the D student when they get a C. Sent from the iMore App
  • Agree for the most part. The appearance of the Pixel is extremely dated. I would consider it in maybe the 2nd or more likely the third generation. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Design of the case isn't the only bar that can be raised. If that was the case Samsung's phones will kill every phone out since the S7 debuted. Where can bars be raised? 1. Case design. = Google didn't try this one. Would have been a waste of time on 1st phone.
    2. Software = Here is one place. The phone is the only one with Assisant. Google's new AI which even the biggest critic says Assistant is way better than Siri.
    3.Software integration with hardware. = Here is another key area. This phone is the fastest, smoothest, most cohesive Android phone ever created. Software works with hardware on a scale that only Apple had before. Look at the Verge reviews. Many others say the same. The camera software is also right at the top thanks to this software integration. Put these together and the bar is raised because make no mistake. Tim Cook and team will get some Pixels and say "Oh ****!" This will push them to do more, not less. In a year from now when the next iphone comes out and a few months later when the Pixel 2 comes out with a new phone shell Apple doesn't want to hear that the Pixel 2 is better than the iPhone.
  • I think the Pixel is meh. As someone who prefers Android on phones (and iOS on tablets), I think the Pixels should've been better...they shouldn't be so ugly, and they should've had waterproofing...but Rene is wrong. EVERY SINGLE review I've watched of the Pixel talk about how the front looks like an iPhone, and that the phone just looks boring or ugly. Rene is a liar or he loves being the victim. The Verge, Engadget, Techno Buffalo, Android Central all pretty much feel the way the Pixel looks is either downright ugly, or just boring and plain. And for the record, the iPhone is ugly as well in my personal opinion. While I will not buy a Samsung phone with the way they handle their hardware quality control and their terrible software, the S7 edge is the best looking phone on the market today imo.
  • ksc6000#AC... I think your unrealistic. If they made a fantastic Note 7 quality case they would have spent the entire development time trying to engineer that and get it in shape to manufacture. The OS and Hardware integration would not be what it is with the current Pixel so basically you have nothing new on the OS level and only the case is cool. There is only so much you can do. Phones are covered by cases over 80% of the time. Water resistance is great and turning standard but it's not a standard quite yet because it's not easy. Now if Google can't get this engineered for the next version of the Pixel than i'll stand next to you saying it's not acceptable but on a first attempt software is most important and as you or I don't have one to use I don't think you can appreciate it till you use it.
  • I hear what you're saying but they should've waited then in my opinion. I mean I have a z5 Compact; it is fast, decent battery life, it has stereo speakers, waterproof, the brightness gets very high (703 nits) and from all indications the Pixel will not be as bright (XL only gets up to 430ish nits - I haven't been able to find any measurements on the regular size). All of those things I would sorely miss if I went for a Pixel. So I feel that Google did not do enough to win people like me over.
  • I just watched AAA on twit.tv for either last week or the weak before and they had someone who tested the newest high end Sony phone and he said that the pixel is better becuase in the end the case of the phone is 2nd to the software. Most of the time the nits issue you raise won't matter. Most of the time the water resistance doesn't matter. Yes I want all that but what it comes down to is software. Google nailed that. They had to nail it and they did. Next years phone will be water resistant.
  • Software developers don't design phone hardware. What are you talking about? Look doesn't matter to people who will case the phone, anyways.
  • It does if you have a transparent case
  • The shape of something is NOT design. Tech writers rarely get this right. And yes, a phone is a phone is a phone. Design is much more than that. I don't care what the iPhone looks like, what color it is, or if it's chrome plated with stripes. A phone is a rectangle used for communication. How does it perform? What are its strengths? Does it accomplish the tasks set out for it by its designers? Critics who lament the design of the iPhone 7 do not know the purpose of design. Samsung found this out recently. And, outside of the built-in cigarette lighter of the Note 7, they have never understood this. Nor has Google, with its iPhone 7 knock off stance.
  • iPhone ripped off the design of the HTC M7 Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The iPhone 6/6s/7 looks like a flattened iPhone 1 to me. Sent from the iMore App
  • Haha "built in cigarette lighter"!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • The use of user data is always the primary thorn in these types of articles. Nothing and nobody is private. That's the world we live in. Let's not be tricked into thinking that Apple isn't collecting any data on us. Your carriers collect data. Facebook collects your data. This is a digital world we live in. And the default search on every iPhone is "Google". You think the majority of users go in and change that? I doubt it.
  • i see the biggest problem with the iphone 7 itself. the PLUS is an amazing phone but a lot people stepping away from the iphone 7. nobody buys them because nothing really improved here. the 7 is the 6s from last year. you easily can go in the apple store and grab any color or storage all there. so what is that mean? ether apple did not calculate right or nobody buys them. talking to a friend she works in an apple store not so many people are interested in the iphone 7 and that are supposed to be the iphone that sells the most.
  • The iPhone 7 is the 6s unchanged? I hope you're joking.
    Better cam sensor, f1.8 lens vs f2.2, OIS for way better low light photos, water resistance, bigger battery, two more hours battery life, quad core with way faster performance, better selfie cam, wide gamut display and cam, brighter more accurate display, fully API programable Taptic Engine not just for solid state Touch ID but also for gaming or UI feedback, stereo speakers with more volume, double the storage for the same money (256GB for 128GB 6s price), two new colours and this is just off the top of my head. Should a 6s user upgrade? Probably not unless your a tech head. But it's a big improvement.
  • My wife was lucky enough to get a silver 7 128. Upgrade from her 5s 32. Her only complaint - TouchID is too fast. I have a 6 64, I'm super jelly of how fast the 7 is at everything. I want a headphone port, though, so I'm protesting until it comes back next year. ;-) Sent from the iMore App
  • you believe someone outside more 9to5 mac.... community are interested which sensor are used on the iPhone? NO! is not about what we think here is about what MOM and DAD think. they like to see a nice screen and a good price. if they go inside the store upgrade there iPhone 6 and see the same iPhone same screen what do you think they do? ether they say yes that is the same i had and know where everything is OR they say same thing? why do i need to upgrade? i have a iPhone 7 plus and iOS experience is still good. but it is the PLUS
  • Um. 6-8 weeks. That's the estimated delivery time of almost every color and capacity of ATT iPhone 7 Plus on the Apple Store app, at all 4 local stores.
    iPhone 7's are around 3-4 weeks. Sometimes 7's are in stock in store in 32gb gold.
    Can you pick up a Black 7 128 ATT for me, buddy? Sent from the iMore App
  • False supply chain game. Just like Google is playing with Pixel. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I don't think Google is playing a game. I think they sent 80% of stock to the phone carriers and only kept the difference for their Store.Google.com site as if your going to spend all the time making deals with carriers your number 1 focus is to make sure you over stock the locations so the sales staff doesn't loose interest in selling your product.
  • not sure where you are but the iPhone 7 shipping time is 1-2 days and ready to pick up in stores. anyways next week we see the earning call and see tim on stage and will say we did not have enough inventory and next quarter will be better... however apple did not understand the market and that is a surprise to me. apple usually knows the market.
  • Hillarious. I ordered online last week, took all of three days to deliver.
  • Depends where you are
  • I guess for me the age old issue of data harvesting just gets old I know that based on recent history in the apple world that data and privacy are big concerns I get that I really do. It's what you do with that data that I care about do you use it in a way that benefits me and the overall experience, if yes then I don't see the issue, this is the internet any concept of privacy is just not the reality.This is my first IPhone and while there are definitely differences in the platform the transition was pretty seamless for me. I have used android phones for a long time, to be honest with you the phone was never really as huge a deal to me as it was with some people it was the services behind the phone that made the experiences for me so if the phone could run those services well it was a good phone. Design and the way a phone looks is pretty subjective in my opinion, as a previous android user I would love for google to do something different but there are only so many ways you can make a phone and have it work for the masses. I guess I don't really expect people to be necessarily objective when they primarily write for one side or the other it's up to me to make up my own mind,but honestly for all the fighting over the years on which platform is better or worse the reality is there is really not that much difference between us. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thank you for writing this article Rene! I look forward to your full review.
  • If you want to know how good the reception for the new Google phone is, then check out the major tech sites who actually reviewed this device, not to get the news from a pro-Apple site where it will be one-sided. In short, I am surprised most of the reviews for the Pixel phones has been quite positive. If Google can give me great service in place for taking my data, I am in. Great first get phone from a software company.
  • BUT IT HAS CIRCLE APP ICONS!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • At least it has a headphone port.
    I'm sure that will be the topic of Rene's op-ed next year when every Android phone has no 3.5mm port. - Everyone craps their pants when Apple takes away the most universal electronic port in history (myself included; still ******), but next year when Samsung et al do the same thing, the reviews will praise them for FINALLY getting rid of that garbage hole. Sent from the iMore App
  • The headphone jack will go on other phones soon, it's the way forward, especially with USB-C. I think the only reason it's on the Pixel is that Google tried to "mock" Apple to get sales, when they're really just mocking themselves.
  • How are the mocking themselves? Their users have the same Bluetooth options as Apple AND Google listened to customers who still rely on the 3.5 jack. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • If you rely on the headphone jack, that's why Apple provided an adapter free with the phone. Headphones via USB-C/Lightning is the way forward, so it makes sense for the phone to be designed to support this change, but Google want to stay in the past to get sales from the people who are irrationally enraged by the removal of the headphone jack. It's also worth noting that Apple aren't trying to force people onto Bluetooth, the headphones provided with the phone connect via the Lightning port, and many people including me still prefer wired headphones. I'll be happy using Lightning headphones, though my current headphones are great and I accept having to use an adapter to use them. It doesn't really disadvantage me in any way at all, or anyone else if they think it properly through
  • Google's removed the headphone jack first as well... http://www.androidauthority.com/first-phones-without-headphone-port-run-...
  • That's not Google, that's LeEco making headphones which are designed to plug into Android phones that have USB-C. The Moto Z hasn't got a headphone jack, and that came out before the iPhone 7, I was already aware of this, I'm certainly not saying Apple did it first, I'm just saying that Apple were right to do it, and Google should have removed the headphone jack on the Pixel too
  • Besides which, it's all the other companies ever do whenever there's an Apple product in the mix. First whine about how stupid it is, then copy like there's no tomorrow.
  • Exactly. All the complaining is completely pointless, accept it and move on. Apple didn't do this to disadvantage anyone, they did it with good reason
  • "Apple didn't do this to disadvantage anyone, they did it with good reason" The only logical reason is $$ Imagine every OEM/3rd Party headphone manufacturer will have to Pay apple loyalties for every lightning headphone they made and sold. Obviously consumer and manufacturer will be on the disadvantage side.
  • If the iPhone had a USB-C port then you'd be able to use any USB-C headphones. It just so happens that the iPhone has a Lightning port therefore they decided to use this. If Apple uses a proprietary port in order to receive loyalties, then that's an issue separate to removing the headphone jack that has existed since the inception of the iPhone. Apple isn't the only one removing the headphone jack, plus the other guys doing it are using USB-C, that's the only difference, there's benefits on using either the USB-C port or Lightning port instead of the headphone jack
  • They are only doing what you did for the iPhone for years Rene. Stop crying.
  • iPhone 7 catches fire, burns a car
    This is the second time we hear of an iPhone 7 spontaneously combusting, though, the first incident was obviously caused by heavy mechanical damage to the phone.
  • How does this have any relation to the article whatsoever?
  • "though, the first incident was obviously caused by heavy mechanical damage to the phone." which makes this in no way relevant to the recent Samsung debacle or anything really. Every phone with these batteries can have that happen if damaged....
  • +1
  • Fair feedback, but to be completely fair, this is google's first "real" phone: Their design, their integration, their control top to bottom. As such, following the comfortable and well recognized design of the iPhone 6/7 is a really smart move. As Samsung showed all of us in explosive detail, taking great hardware leaps for smart phones is not a low risk endeavor. I think google made a brilliant move with pixel/pixel xl. But comparing these new phones to phones from Apple -- most valuable company in the world and leader in integrated hardware/software -- is not a level playing field. Apple is just about a decade into this game. Nothing wrong with expecting more from Apple. Next round, google's bar gets higher. Welcome to the club google, assuming you actually stick with it.
  • Google services and AI position is so much better in the market that o ly need to take it seriously to succeed. The biggest problem with the Pixel to Renee is that it offers everything iPhone users wail at Android about. Good support, timely updates, great performance, virtually no bloatware, and great software. On top of that, it has a great and more open content ecosystem and cheaper accessory ecosystem (smart watches, set top boxes). Add this to Google's massive lead in services, and it's kind of a big deal, especially looking to the future. Android basically has an iPhone now. So much for those "Switch to iPhone for..." articles. Google just basically voided almost all of them. Next year they will likely add OIS and IP67, among other things. Their services will still be superior. Their ecosystem will still be cheaper and more open. It will only grow in attractiveness as a choice. This bus just a foot in the door. At this point, Android is too big and Google Play is too de fecto for Google to worry about OEM s. They are pulling a "Surface" on Android. Good for the.
  • Agree. Google is well positioned. I try to be neutral and look at what is best for my needs, rather than get locked into fan mode. I can't admit to 100% objectivity, of course. LoL.. Currently I can get most of google's services on the best hardware/software integration to date: iPhone. But that may change. Privacy is important to me, but my life is a fairly generic open book, and useful data versus privacy is a debate that hasn't hit the mainstream yet. I look forward to Pixel v2 and iPhone 8. This will be a telling battle in the mobile OS wars. As a consumer I look forward to it. In the meantime, Apple gets my money. Google also gets my money, because they offer a useful set of services that I use, for a so far fair price of some personal data. And Google gets my nod for joining the integration game. Game on.
  • What do you expect from the geniuses buying ridiculous Android iPhone rip offs? These clowns are DELUSIONAL. ****, most are probably running Windows, too.
  • LOL, at all of you giving GOOGLE a free pass, claiming this is their "first" phone. Wake up, it's one in a loooong line of iPhone rip offs. Nothing even remotely original about this POS. And, yes, it's way behind.
  • Boy, part of reporting is taking the fack as well. We're as users gonna have our own views on whatever topic.... u can never stop that. but the trick is to to just clear out the rubble and see what's beneath.
  • I wouldn't argue against the "grading Pixel on a curve" idea. It's probably true.
    But that said, I have the iPhone 7 Plus and the Nexus 6P currently, and I'm about 80% sure I'll get the Pixel XL. I do it because I just can't bring myself to go "all in" on Apple, though I'll admit to being extremely close to that.
    One positive Pixel reason not usually included as a plus or minus in review articles about Google's new phones is their access to Google's Project Fi. That alone makes me want Google's best phone each year.
    I expect to like the Pixel XL very much....when I can eventully get it...so here's hoping.
  • I'm delighted to see that, after Samsung releasing waterproof phones for many years, in September 2016 waterproofing has finally become an essential feature. I can only hope that by September 2017 fast charging and QHD screens will similarly become a must-have.
  • My favorite part about this article and the subsequent replies is how ignorant everybody in this circle is to the fact of how badly iPhone first ripped off the aesthetic of the HTC ONE series of phones. So much, that I can remember being at the launch for the iPhone 6 and getting stares from everybody because of how much my M8 looked like the new iPhone. Mind you, the M8 had been in the wild for the better part of a year, and was a continuation of the aesthetic set by the M7. Now, keep in mind that the Pixel is manufactured by HTC, and suddenly, it sounds a lot like iPhone people are just mad about the company who created that aesthetic continuing to use it, while nobody points out that iPhone stole the design first. The reason why Apple is under so much more scrutiny than Google is for the Pixel is simple. There are a half-dozen Android flagship devices available at any given time, with any range of specs and features to choose from. Apple has TWO. If an Android user doesn't like a particular feature or lack thereof in a device, they can get a different one and retain the majority of the same experience. If an iPhone user doesn't like something - their option is "wait for the next one". See the difference there? Additionally, IMHO, Android should get a broader pass, as the platform itself offers a lot more than iPhone in terms of customization and flexibility. Can you unlock the bootloader on an iPhone with Apple's blessing? LOL. No. Can you compile IOS from source and add your own new features? LOL. No. So, while the developer features are obviously not for everybody, there is still a HUGE market out there of users who do care, and having used a Jailbroken iPhone and a rooted Android, I can tell you that the rooted Android will always win. There' s a curve because Apple's offerings are much smaller and more restrictive, and by that logic, they should be held to a higher standard for innovation and features considering they need to compete with ALL of Android.
  • Google has copied Apple from the very beginning. First the software and touchscreen, and now they've actually copied an iPhone and are trying to copy the Apple business model. They are just becoming more and more like Samscum.
    Why can't other tech companies make their own ****?
  • Mmmmmh...open your notebook. 1) The Google pixel is actually getting a lot of criticism on the android community, mainly because of the fact it IS a rip off of the iPhone design, the 6 to 7 designs, to be exact. which, by the way: are a shameless ripoff of the HTC ONE, making the Google pixel a rip off of a rip off. The price of the phone (more than 1000$...) Is also a big reason why it's criticized, no phone is worth more than 900$, NONE. No phone has the features that would warrant such a price. NONE. Another reason why it is criticized is because of lack of features like water-resistance. I myself can't even look at the thing without cringing. 2) Apple never invented touchscreens, are you ignorant? Android has been in development far, far earlier than the iPhone, and androids current design language: "material design" is the opposite of apples software design, while apples icons are supposed to be simple and flat, material design is geometrical in such a way that you can look at one icon from many different perspectives, take a look at android marshmallow camera app so you can see what this mean, or you can search for "material design guidelines". 3) "business model" is the part of your comment that is the most flawed. Google's business design is, and has always been: ads. It also encourages you to share your information: such as your location, in order for You to be provided with useful services (like maps, oh...speaking of maps... remember Apple maps and the way they advertise it?), Google's business model is the opposite of apples business model. So is android: while iOS tells you to just sit back and relax, android actively encourages you to tinker with it. And no....the "ANDROID GETS VIRUS OMG!!!!!!" argument is null ever since android 4.4 (we are currently in 7, mind you) got introduced, due to the fact it gave android a sandbox system for security, the only way you can get a virus is if you opened it yourself. And the OS actually advices you when you're given the option of downloading something, to be careful, if say something seems suspicious. 4) Samsung never copied anyone. This point has been argued so much since 2009 that I'm just going to give you the homework of researching it yourself. While you're at it, also research about HTC, and Sony, and Leco, and Motorola, and blackberry 10 devices. QED, Class is dismissed. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • You lost me at "Samsung never copied anyone". Which assures me you have no idea what you're talking about.
    I didn't say Apple invented touch screens, but everyone, and I mean everyone knows that Android was copying Blackberry, with a trackball and physical keyboard before the iPhone came out.
    And yes, Googles business is selling adds, but just like Microsoft, realizes that to compete with Apple they have to become a hardware company as well. That's the same as copying, and why they need to chase a company that only has less than 20% market share is embarrassing. And in doing so, they'll have to become less "open". Hence the fact that only the Pixel will get certain features.
    Another example of their copying is that the pixels icons are now mostly round, to mimic the consistency of the iPhone. Not to mention the use of the same wallpaper as the iPhone, and the parallax effect, It's just shameless. I expected a lot more from a company with Googles resources.
    What will they do next year when the iPhone changes drastically? Copy!
  • It would appear you're suffering from a very subtle and understandable mix-up in idioms. The Ritz *hotel* is a byword for luxury; Ritz *crackers* are an unremarkable mass-market brand, not appearing in any major idioms and connoting, if anything, averageness.