What you need to know

  • Pixelmator Photo 1.1 is out now.
  • The new update brings iPadOS 13 support (including editing from external locations).
  • Features batch editing, a new workflow and export sizes.

Pixelmator Photo has today been updated to bring support to iPadOS 13. Version 1.1 is available to download now and brings some fantastic new changes!

The first new feature to shout about is the support for iPadOS 13. The app is now fully compatible with the latest iPad software. Using the Files-based design and editing workflow, you can now take full advantages of the improvements made to Apple's Files app. Not only that, you can now edit photos from an external drive or file server! iPadOS 13 brings support for external drives on iPad, and Pixelmator Photo takes full advantage of this, allowing you to edit photos directly from a hard drive, memory stick or SD card.

Along with support for iPadOS 13, Pixelmator Photo now features batch editing. With just a few taps, you can edit an entire photoshoot using Pixelmator Photo's incredible algorithms powered by Core ML. This allows you to automatically enhance, crop and straighten an entire shoot all in one go, again with photos on your iPad or an external location.

Pixelmator Photo makes it possible to batch edit photos using every color adjustment available in the app. The update also includes individual actions for cropping, straightening, and even resizing images for a full-featured batch editing experience. Batch edit directly in Photos or in Files. Batch edit photos directly in your Photos library, saving changes right back to the original images. Or batch edit image files on your iPad, in iCloud, or third-party storage providers. Create custom batch workflows. Once you find a set of editing actions that work for you, save them as a custom workflow to run it whenever you want.

The all-new workflow allows you to edit photos directly in your image library, without having to create a separate Pixelmator Photo file before you start, eliminating duplicates. Any changes you make can be saved directly into your library. Nondestructive effects are automatically preserved, so if you reopen a file you were editing previously, you can pick up right where you left off.

The final new feature is export sizes. Once you've finished editing, you can now export photos at different sizes in order to optimize storage or make your photos ready for the web. Choose from presets or create your own custom sizes.

All in all, the changes in 1.1 are a fantastic update on an already phenomenal photo editing tool.

Now iPadOS 13 compatible

Pixelmator Photo

For all your iPad photo editing needs

Pixelmator Photo was already a star when it came to mobile photo editing. Now with 1.1, you can take advantage of iPadOS 13 to the fullest extent. Edit in external locations, take advangate of the Core ML powered batch editing, marvel at the new workflow and resize your photos when you're finished.

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