PlatinumGames opens new teaser website showing the number 4 amid rumors of a Wonderful 101 port

PlatinumGames new teaser website
PlatinumGames new teaser website (Image credit: PlatinumGames)

What you need to know

  • PlatinumGames has released a new teaser website.
  • The website merely shows a white 4 on a gray background, with #Platinum4 at the bottom of the page.
  • PlatinumGames is heavily rumored to be announcing a Kickstarter campaign for the Wonderful 101 in the near future.

PlatinumGames has opened a new website teasing something. It's a white 4 on a gray background, with #Platinum4 at the bottom of the website. It's not clear if this is a countdown, the number of games PlatinumGames is currently making or something else.

The font and colors used on the website are somewhat reminiscent of NieR: Automata. PlatinumGames developed NieR: Automata, sequel to NieR, which is technically a spinoff of the Drakengard franchise. There have been three Drakengard games so far, so it is theoretically possible that PlatinumGames could be making the fourth game. There's also the recent rumors that PlatinumGames will be announcing a Kickstarter campaign for the Wonderful 101 to come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and possibly Xbox One.

PlatinumGames is known for taking on multiple projects at a time, shipping Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch in 2019 while still continuing to work on Bayonetta 3 and Babylon's Fall for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 respectively. Recently, PlatinumGames announced a new deal with Tencent, who have provided the company with funding in a new partnership. PlatinumGames wants to use this funding to explore self-publishing while still retaining its independence.

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