Plugable 7 In 1 HubSource: Plugable

What you need to know

  • Plugable just announced a new USB-C hub with seven different ports.

CES is here and Plugable has kicked things off with a new USB-C hub. Dubbed the USBC-7in1E, this is an iteration on a previous model that adds one important feature – an Ethernet port.

That Ethernet port accounts for one of the holes on this thing, but there are six more for you to make use of, including support for 87W of USB-C Power Delivery goodness.

Plugable 7 In 1 HubSource: Plugable

After listening to consumer feedback surrounding the original form factor and port layout, the new USB-C hub now features an Ethernet port for advanced connectivity plus 4K 60Hz functionality over HDMI. Easily transform one USB-C port into 7 additional ports, connecting an HDMI monitor, 2 USB devices, a microSD and full-sized SD card, an Ethernet connection, and a USB-C pass-through port for the ability to charge your laptop all through one USB-C cable back to your laptop.

The addition of an Ethernet port is a big deal for those who prefer not to rely on WiFi, especially with fewer and fewer computers shipping with a port of their own. It's also worth noting the support for DisplayPort 1.4 and 4K60 video output as well.''

All of that comes in at just $34.99 – less if you use the on-page coupon! There's sure to be a lot more to come out of CES this week but a relatively inexpensive, capable USB-C hub is definitely a good place to start.

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