Pokémon Legends: Arceus — All 107 Wisp locations

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wisp
Pokemon Legends Arceus Wisp (Image credit: iMore)

The longest sidequest in Pokémon Legends: Arceus revolves around you collecting ghostly Wisps that float around the various maps. There are a total of 107 Wisps to collect and notifying a little girl named Vessa will unlock several rewards. When you have gathered all of them, you'll be given the chance to fight and catch a special ghostly Pokémon.

How to unlock Request 22: Eerie Apparitions in the Night

Before you can start collecting Wisps in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you must first have calmed noble Pokémon, Kleavor, in Obsidian Fieldlands. Once you've done this, return to Jubilife Village and talk to a young girl named Vessa who can be found between the trees near the river by the Pokémon Pasture.

As with all Pokémon games, this one gives you a good reward for participating in this long sidequest.

Reward for getting all Wisps

Talk to Vessa after reaching certain milestones and she'll reward you with helpful items.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
5Oval Stone
10Rare Candy
20Seed of Mastery
30Dusk Stone
40Exp. Candy L
50Linking Cord
605 Grit Pebbles
70Reaper Cloth
803 Seeds of Mastery
902 Exp. Candies XL
1003 Grit Rocks
107Unlock Spiritomb

Where to find all 107 Wisps

Wisps can be seen a whole lot easier and from a further distance at night. So if you want to make things easier, sleep at a camp to turn it into nighttime and then start your Wisp hunting.

Jubilife Village — 7 Wisps

Pokemon Legends Arcues Wisp Map Jubilife Village (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Near the second tree along the river closest to the Pokémon Pasture.
  2. Behind the tree closest to Prelude Beach.
  3. Behind the small structure in the farmlands.
  4. Between the buildings nearest to the farmlands (near a pile of logs).
  5. Behind a house close to the training grounds, near the river.
  6. Behind the Training Grounds building.
  7. Behind the Galaxy Guildhall building.

Obsidian Fieldlands — 20 Wisps

Pokemon Legends Arcues Wisp Map Obsidian Fieldlands (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Go towards the Floaro Gardens, and you'll see it on top of the nearby hill.
  2. Find it in Horseshoe Plains on top of a hill.
  3. On the northern end of Lake Verity on the hill.
  4. North of Deertrack Path on the road that runs through there.
  5. On top of a hill in Worn Bridge.
  6. South of Grueling Grove on a hill leading into the mountains.
  7. East of Lake Verity on the hill near the Alpha Snorlax.
  8. Northeast of Windswept Run sitting on a hill.
  9. Between Nature's Pantry and the Heights Camp on a hill.
  10. North of Obsidian Falls on an island.
  11. On top of a hill on the east side of Nature's Pantry.
  12. On the small island north of Ramanas Island.
  13. On a hill between Nature's Pantry and Tidewater Dam.
  14. Go across the river east from Oreburrow Tunnel and find it near said tunnel on a hill.
  15. In Sandgem Flats on top of some large rocks.
  16. Near the center of Ramanas Island on a hill.
  17. At the very south end of the map across the river from Ramanas Island.
  18. Southeast of Ramanas Island on a hill near the forest.
  19. On a hill near the forest of The Heartwood.
  20. North of The Heartwood on a hill near the river.

Crimson Mirelands — 20 Wisps

Pokemon Legends Arcues Wisp Map Crimson Mirelands (Image credit: iMore)
  1. On a hill near the river North of Cloudpool Ridge.
  2. On a hill east of Cloudpool Ridge.
  3. Just west of the Shrouded Ruins located on a hill.
  4. South of Cloudpool Ridge at the bottom of a cliff near the river.
  5. On top of a hill close to the Diamond Settlement.
  6. Sitting on a hill on the east side of Solaceon Ruins.
  7. On a hill north of Bolderoll Slope and east of Solaceon Ruins.
  8. Floating near the water east of Bolderoll Slope.
  9. On the waterfall on the southern end of Lake Valor.
  10. Located southwest of Golden Lowlands.
  11. Near the river at Golden Lowlands on top of a hill.
  12. On a rock between Cottonsedge Prairie and Bolderoll Slope.
  13. West across the river from Cottonsedge Praire on a hill.
  14. Near Cottonsedge Prairie on the hill overlooking the white flower.
  15. Head to Droning Meadow and find it on a cliff to the far east.
  16. Floating on a hill southwest of Gapejaw Bog.
  17. Hovering over a small body of water northwest across the river from Holm of Trials.
  18. On top of a hill southeast of Holm of Trials.
  19. On a hill coming out of the pond southwest of Ursa's Ring and across the river.
  20. In the bottom of the map on a hill southeast of Usra's Ring.

Cobalt Coastlands — 20 Wisps

Pokemon Legends Arcues Wisp Map Cobalt Coastlands (Image credit: iMore)
  1. From the initial basecamp, head east a little ways and you'll see it on a hill.
  2. From the initial basecamp, head south to Crossing Slope and you'll see it on a hill.
  3. Travel to the beach between Aipom Hill and Bathers' Lagoon and you'll see it on a small hill.
  4. In Bather's Lagoon between the two bodies of water on land.
  5. Go southeast into the water from Hideaway Bay until you get near the edge of the map.
  6. Travel to the small island just to the west of Sand's Reach.
  7. Make your way to the three small islands Tombolo Walk southeast of the map. It's on the smallest one.
  8. Head to the very end of the ring finger of Sand's Reach.
  9. Go to the tip of the island between Castaway Shore and Tranquility Cove.
  10. To the west of Castaway Shore on a rock where Machop spawn.
  11. On a cliff almost exactly where the Veilstone Cape marker is.
  12. Get on top of the Veilstone Cape on the northern side of where the Mothim spawn.
  13. On a cliff between Islespy Shore and Veilstone Cape.
  14. On the west side of Spring Path on a raised bit of land.
  15. In the canyon between Spring Path and Windbreak Stand.
  16. Travel up to the north tip of Islespy Shore and find it on a hill.
  17. Head to the tiny island in the north middle section of the map and find it floating there.
  18. Go northeast of the Molten Arena to the small island there.
  19. On Firespit Island up a cliff near lava.
  20. Travel to the small island south of Firespit Island and find it next to a tree.

Alabaster Icelands — 20 Wisps

Pokemon Legends Arcues Wisp Map Alabaster Icelands (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Go northeast from the initial basecamp entrance and head as far-right up the small cliffs as you can to find it at the top.
  2. North of the marker for Whiteout Valley on a mountain.
  3. Travel along the cliff to the southwest of Bonechill Wastes.
  4. South from Icepeak Arena on a cliff.
  5. On a hill about where the first e in the Avalanche Slopes marker is.
  6. In the southwest corner of the map within Avalance Slopes. You'll know you're in the right place if you see Blissey.
  7. North of Arena's Approach in the valley near some hills.
  8. On a cliff between Arena's Approach and Icepeak Arena.
  9. Between Avalugg's Legacy and Icepeak Arena on a cliff.
  10. Near the center of Avalugg's Legacy near a Glalie.
  11. Go into the underground tunnel near the center of Bonechill Wastes. You'll see it in the same area as Hisuian Zoroark.
  12. Get on top of the massive ice block to the east of Avalugg's Legacy.
  13. Go south of Heart's Crag past the water and up on a cliff.
  14. Make your way to the northern part of Avalugg's Legacy and find it on an ice chunk.
  15. Find it on the southern side of Lake Acuity near the waterfall.
  16. At the southwest side of the Lake Acuity waterfall.
  17. On a cliff basically where the T is for the Glacier Terrace marker.
  18. Go to the back part of the Pearl Settlement and find it behind a tent.
  19. Make your way through Snowpoint Temple and find it floating in front of the second plate door.
  20. Go around the left side when facing Snowpoint Temple the northern edge of the map.

Coronet Highlands — 20 Wisps

Pokemon Legends Arcues Wisp Map Coronet Highlands (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Enter Wayward Cave and find it near the Alpha Crobat.
  2. Just outside of the cave between Wayward Wood and Heavenward Lookout.
  3. Head down the river on the east side of the map and find it at the map's edge.
  4. Travel up the stretch of land above Heavenward Lookout and find it on the hill close to the Lonely Spring opening.
  5. Look on top of a block of stone at the Ancient Quarry.
  6. Go to Sonorous Path where the Teddiursa spawns and find it on a hill.
  7. On Sonorous Path between Clamberclaw Cliffs and Lonely Springs. You'll know you're in the right place if you see Onix.
  8. Get to the middle of the pond at Clamberclaw Cliffs.
  9. Run to the east of Clamberclaw Cliffs somewhat close to the large body of water and you'll find it near some trees.
  10. Head to the Primeval Grotto and find it floating near trees and columns.
  11. Go north of Primeval Grotto up the mountain and find it looking over some trees.
  12. Head south of Celestica Trail to where the Rhyperior spawns and you'll see it on a hill.
  13. East of the top of Fabled Spring between Celestica Trail and the Sonorous Path.
  14. Located east of Bolderoll Ravine next to the water where the Gyarados reside.
  15. Go to the bottom east half of Fabled Spring and head far in near where the mountains raise up to find it on a cliff.
  16. Head to the bottom west half of Fabled Spring and find it sitting on a cliff over the valley.
  17. Within Bolderoll Ravine near where you see Golem and Graveler rolling about.
  18. South of Sacred Plaza in Stonetooth Rows where you see Bronzongs floating around.
  19. Climb the cliff north of Sacred Plaza.
  20. Head north of Moonview Arena near some trees.

What to do when you have them all

Pokemon Legends Arceus Spiritomb (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Return to Jubilife Village and talk to Vessa. She can be found between two trees next to the river.
  2. Go to the Shrouded Ruins located in Crimson Mirelands while it is night.
  3. A cutscene plays and then you need to go up to the statue and press the A button.
  4. Spiritomb appears behind you. You can either throw a Pokémon out and fight it or run away and then return to stealth catch it by flinging Poké Balls. 

Spiritomb will be at level 60 upon encountering it, and it's a dual Ghost/Dark-type. Its weakness is Fairy-type moves, and it resists Poison-type moves. Normal-, Fighting-, and Ghost-type moves have no effect on Spiritomb.

Once you've caught it, you'll be one step closer to completely filling out your Pokédex.

In the dark of the night

With all those spirits collected and Spiritomb added to your list of caught Pokémon, you can continue forward and work on completing the rest of your Pokédex. After all, you need to have all 240 Pokémon captured if you want to see Giratina and Arceus.

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